AmourFeel Dating Site Review: Everything You Need To Know

AmourFeel Dating Site Review

Slavic women are smoking-hot, passionate, cold at first, but very warm with the people they love. It seems that no other women have such a unique allure that those beauties have. No wonder why so many single Westerns strive to find partners from Eastern Europe.

The best way to find love internationally is by using online dating. Such websites provide an easy and comfortable way to connect with beautiful women worldwide. AmourFeel is one of the Slavic dating sites that offer an amorous environment for long-distance romance. Our review on it will help you to explore what the site has to offer to see if it is a suitable option for you.

Total Score
Ease of use
Customer Service
Number of members
Quality of Profiles
Safety and AntiScam
Value Of Money

  • Nice variety of Slavic beauties
  • Active members
  • Many communication ways
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Great Tinder-like feature
  • No dedicated app, but the web-responsive design allows using the site on phones or tablets.
  • You need to search for the match and donโ€™t have suggesting options.

What is the AmourFeel dating site?

Amour Feels is an online dating platform for single men and women for online communication. The majority of girls are from Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, and others. It is a place where you can find, meet, and date the most beautiful women on the planet who are eager to build a relationship with a foreigner online. It is a rather simple but effective place that can offer you exceptional quality of services.

First impression on AmourFeel dating platform (in 1 minute)

The first impression is always the most important because it defines whether you will use some services or not. Fortunately, this platform is simple and effective enough to make the best first impression on anyone. Whether you are an experienced guy or just started using online dating, you can be sure that AmourFeel will offer you an excellent online dating experience. Now, letโ€™s take a look at the features that make this website so approachable and enjoyable right away:

  1. Modern and simple design. Some dating sites have very in-your-face designs. Unintuitive layouts, dozens of images, and incompatible colors are often elements of poorly designed websites. AmourFeel is not like that. It has a straightforward design that allows one to easily navigate the site.
  2. Quick registration. Spend under 1 minute to create an account. No need to wait for verification and confirmation. Amour Feel login is also very simple. Enter all the required data and just proceed with your online dating experience!
  3. Great diversity of girls. Women on this site are active and often online, even though time differences with Eastern Europe can be significant.
  4. Excellent searching tools. The quantity of women for communication is great, but you need to have the tools to find a date suitable for you. In that case, you can use standard and advanced searching systems and matchmaking. We will discuss these options later in this AmourFeel review.
  5. Affordable prices. If you want to have a proper online dating experience, you need to know about the prices right away. And the prices will surprise you and make a positive impression since the site doesnโ€™t have expensive credit packages.
  6. Affordable prices. If you want to have a proper online dating experience, you need to know about the prices right away. And the prices will surprise you and make a positive impression since the site doesnโ€™t have expensive credit packages.
  7. Complimentary credits. Upon registration, you will enjoy Amour Feel free credits on your account. These AmourFeel free credits can be spent however you want on any paid-based feature without any limitations

How does work?

As mentioned above, this is an online dating platform for Slavic girls looking for online relationships. The site is simple and intuitive. You sign up, look for girls, send them messages, and develop your relationships with them. Nothing difficult or complex. Now, letโ€™s take a look at the registration and Amour Feel dating site sign in!

AmourFeel Registration Reviewed

AmourFeel Registration

To see what services and features AmourFeel provides, everyone needs to register and create a profile. Signing up takes a couple of minutes. You just need to enter some basic information about yourself and add your valid email. After that, you will be offered to fill in a questionnaire about your preference in women, lifestyle, and habits. Be ready to answer the questions about:

  1. Your intentions
  2. Preferable age
  3. Attitude to children
  4. Ideal height and weight for a woman
  5. Ideal body type for your lady
  6. Your opinion on women drinking alcohol and smoking

Also, in the questionnaire, youโ€™ll find some questions about yourself. They give other members a chance to know you better. Those can include:

  1. Location
  2. Birthday
  3. Height
  4. Body type
  5. Your marital status
  6. Children and if you want to have more
  7. Education level
  8. Religion
  9. Occupation
  10. Habits like drinking and smoking

Note that you can skip questions that you donโ€™t want to answer as filling in everything is optional. However, adding as much information about your preferences and yourself increases your chances to meet someone who is a great match.


Member structure & Quality of AmourFeel profiles

AmourFeel profiles

After successful registration, you can see everything that the site has to offer, all profiles of gorgeous women, services, and features. Beautiful women are the first thing that catches an eye, as they seem model-like that you can wonder if they are real. But even though we all know that Slavic ladies are smoking-hot, AmourFeel took extra precautions and created a validation sign that confirms that the woman behind the profile is real.

Another distinctive feature of AmourFeel female members is that they are active. You can see approximately 350 women online at all times. Those ladies registered on the site to take their love life into their own hands. And even though writing to the man they like first is not common to traditional Eastern European girls, they can do it. Besides, many of them are influenced by Western dating patterns.

Main services on AmourFeel reviewed

AmourFeel international dating site offers various services that provide everything you need for comfortable and close to IRL communication. Here are a rundown and review of the main ones.

Communication tools

AmourFeel has a few excellent communication features that require payments. Find them below!


Instant messages

Using chat is one of the easiest ways to begin communication with a gorgeous lady on AmourFeel. You can find a special field on each profile where you can type your message. It can be up to 300 characters, and the cost is 2 credits per minute.



Correspondence is one of the basic services on dating sites. AmourFeel offers an easy exchange of emails that are to 3500 characters. Members choose communication through mail as it can help to have more in-depth conversations. Besides, there is something romantic about receiving a love letter. Sending the first letter is 10 credits, and all consequential ones are 30 credits.


โ€˜Letโ€™s talkโ€™

โ€˜Letโ€™s talkโ€™ feature is very similar to chat. It also has the same pricing of 2 credits per minute. But the difference is in premade message templates, conversation starters, that can help you start talking with the girl you like even if you feel shy or run out of pickup lines.


Phone calls

Another communication tool offered by AmourFeel. Phone calls are available if you make a contact request. They will include personal email and phone number. Making a request is free of charge after you spend 3000 credits on communication with the member.

Other services

In addition to the paid tools, this platform also has some good features that are completely free.



One of the beneficial features on-site are basic and extended search. They are very convenient as they save a lot of time by filtering out all unsuitable options based on multiple criteria. Using search filters is free of charge.


Sending winks

Winks are available to everyone also free of charge. They are a cool ice-breaker and an easy way to start a conversation. Besides, sending a wink can help test out the waters and see if the girl you are interested in likes you back.


Interactive game โ€˜Facesโ€™

โ€˜Facesโ€™ is an interesting feature that is similar to Tinder. You are shown various profiles randomly, and you can either like or skip them. Also, you can text the girl you like right away.


Real gifts

AmourFeel also offers a service of real gift delivery. If you want to surprise a girl that you are talking to on her birthday or just to show her that you care, it is a good way. There are a variety of cool things or bouquets that you can choose from. But note that the site is not providing the service but collaborating with local vendors.

AmourFeel prices reviewed

AmourFeel credits

AmourFeel runs on a credit basis, which means you need to purchase credits โ€” a special virtual currency to use some features and services. Comparing the price per credit with similar platforms in the niche, we can say that AmourFeel has moderate pricing. And taking into account the quality of the services they provide, it is quite reasonable. Currently, you can find such a price range on AmourFeel:


To get the best value for your buck, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for seasonal sales. Also, benefit from the 20 free credits of the welcome package granted after registration.

Benefits of a paid membership on Amour Feels

If you want to have a proper online dating experience, you will have to spend money on Amour Feels. Fortunately, as you may already see, the AmourFeel cost is not that high, so everyone can enjoy high-quality and affordable online dating with Slavic girls.

The main benefit of a paid membership here is that you can contact ladies. Indeed, you are given some complimentary credits upon registration, but you will spend them in mere minutes. Therefore, if you want to find a date online, you will have to become a paid member.

Is AmourFeel legit?

Whether you are completely new to online dating or you already have some experience, โ€œIs AmourFeel legitimate?โ€ is a perfectly natural question to have. You have certain expectations and hopes from your time on a dating site, so the question โ€œIs AmourFeel a scam?โ€ should definitely cross your mind.

From our own time on, as well as comprehensive research of this platform, we can say that AmourFeel is definitely a legit dating service. It does not make any promises that it later fails to fulfill, and that is already a positive sign.

Moreover, you already know that most, if not all, profiles of women on AmourFeel are validated. It means that their owners have provided their official IDs either to the site administrators or their local partners. So when you are talking to beautiful women on the Amour Feel website, you can know for a fact that you are genuinely talking to the person behind the profile.

How to find your perfect match on AmourFeel

There are several ways to discover the women of AmourFeel weโ€™ve mentioned in our review, but if you want to be as precise as possible in your quest to find your ideal match, the feature you need the most is search. With the extended search, you can specify around a dozen parameters of your perfect lady. This includes age, city and country, marital status and children, and even religious views.

The pro tip we can give you for using the search is to only specify the parameters you find essential. That way, the pool of possible matches will be more comprehensive, and you will have more suitable ladies to choose from. For example, if you want to find a woman who has never been married before and doesnโ€™t have children, fill in the corresponding fields in the search form but leave others blank.

How to start talking to the women

So, after you have your own AmourFeel login and password and have explored the search and other discovery features, how to make the first contact with the woman who caught your attention?

When writing your first chat message or letter to a beautiful lady, itโ€™s essential not to be boring or generic. In other words, the woman shouldnโ€™t think that you are sending the same message to a dozen other girls. This is why your best option is to open up with the information you see on her profile.

This can include anything from the information on her education and occupation to the background of her main profile photo. Be sure also to check the introduction at the bottom of the profile: itโ€™s written by the woman herself, so it may tell you more about her than any profile questionnaire ever would. Then find something you personally find interesting and center your first message around that!

Standout features of AmourFeel

Weโ€™ve already talked about multiple aspects of this dating service, including the AmourFeel cost and quality of its profiles. But with the endless variety of dating sites right now, you need some strong reasons to sign up for a new one. So what is AmourFeelโ€™s top three features the members like the most?

  • Streams. This is a feature that brings you one step closer to the charming women of AmourFeel. Itโ€™s a video feed feature where you can chat with cute Slavic girls while also watching them on video. This is not exactly a two-way video chat since they wonโ€™t see you, but itโ€™s as personable as can be in online dating.
  • Newsfeed. Most dating sites will tell you about the womanโ€™s height, weight, and marital status, but they wonโ€™t always tell you about her personality and life outside the dating world. The Newsfeed feature on AmourFeel is there to fix that. The women share their personal updates in a social media-like feed, so you can always know what your favorite members are up to.
  • Letโ€™s Talk. Making a good first impression on a dating site can be tough. It can be even tougher when there are multiple men vying for the attention of one beautiful lady. If you ever come across a profile of a gorgeous woman on the Amour Feel dating site and find yourself not knowing what to say, Letโ€™s Talk will suggest the perfect ice breakers for that essential first connection.

Amour Feel website success stories

If you want to learn about a dating site as much as possible, you need to get your information from different sources. So, in this Amour Feel reviews, we wanted to offer you a chance to learn what people who met true love and happiness say about this site. Here is some feedback from an AmourFeel couple!

"I met Svitlana a few months ago. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Smart, attractive, and broad-minded, she made me the happiest man on the planet. I talked with her for hours, and while I had to spend quite a lot of money, it was worth it. I enjoyed every single minute with my girl. What makes Amour Feels so great is that I can organize a real-life date with my Svitlana. So, she is preparing her documents to come to Texas and meet me in real life. I have never been so happier!"

Jack, 54

"My online dating experience with a Ukrainian girl started at the beginning of this year. At first, I didnโ€™t think online communication can lead to serious relationships. I wanted to make new acquaintances and meet new people. But when I met Natasha, something clicked. We had a lot in common, both our parents traveled a lot when we were kids. Among many girls online, only Natasha made me feel something. And this is why I think online dating is great. You may not find it effective, but once you find a person that is your soulmate, you will see everything in a different light."

Mark, 39

Final thoughts

After receiving all the main features and services, pros and cons on the AmourFeel website, we came to the conclusion that it has a lot to offer to anyone seeking Slavic dating. It is very user friendly, and we experienced no issues using it. The strong suit of AmourFeel is the number of stunning ladies and the great selection of communication services that are reasonably priced.