Vietnamese Brides: Full Guide, Tips, And Advice

Are you fond of Asian cuties? Do you really want to find a hot Vietnamese woman for marriage? Do you think that all those pretty Vietnamese brides are some kind of magical women from a magic country who are 100% shy and obedient, who never cheat and adore American men?

Well, you are wrong. These are stereotypes, and they are 100% wrong. People are always people, there are lots of good women in Vietnam, but we can't say that 100% of them are like this or like that. There are, of course, some gold-diggers in this country (as well as in any other country), some women who don't know English at all, and some unloyal women. Unfortunately, that's how it works โ€” there are no countries with perfect women. Not to mention that the idea of deciding to marry a woman because she is Vietnamese sounds a bit weird. However, that's not what we're going to talk about here.

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Here, weโ€™ll talk about Vietnamese mail order brides โ€” most of them can speak English well, most of them are loyal, and most of them search for a serious relationship with a decent man, not for an ATM. Letโ€™s begin.

The appearance of Vietnamese ladies

mail order bride from Vietnam

When you see photos of stunning Vietnamese brides, you can highlight their mesmerizing facial features that blow every manโ€™s mind. If youโ€™d like to marry a girl from Vietnam, you probably desire to open up appearance opportunities for yourself. You want to know whether itโ€™s worth it or not. Since ladies across the world can brag about their beauty, Vietnamese are not an exception.

So, what is so special about the beauty of a Vietnamese woman for marriage?

  1. Pale skin. Asian ladies are generally gifted with ivory-colored skin. Besides being pale, a Vietnam woman can rarely have skin issues thanks to genetics and healthy food.
  2. Shiny hair. Most ladies have either dark or brown hair. Some of them dye their hair in other colors. The most common are blond and red shades.
  3. Tiny and cute. Vietnamese wives are regarded to be quite short in size. The average size of the girl is 5 feet 2 inches. This makes them look younger, and sometimes 30-year-old women can be confused with teenagers.
  4. Toned body. A Vietnam girl goes to the gym to stay in good shape, but it is interesting that you canโ€™t see these shapes on the street since Asian women, in general, adore wearing loose clothes, unlike European or Latin American brides.
  5. Beautiful small breasts. An average Vietnamese mail order bride has relatively small but beautifully-shaped breasts. The average size of breasts is 21.7.

Character traits of Vietnam women

Overseas men like marrying Vietnamese mail order brides since they own essential traits for building serious relationships. Your journey to adequate and sustainable conversation starts with your message, and once you gain her trust, you will discover how amazing this woman is. Check out the top 5 great traits of girls from Vietnam:

  1. Sensible. When you start a conversation with a girl online, you can notice how much she knows about this world. Even though Vietnam has educational issues, ladies still learn a lot from the Internet because they have the desire to do so. This trait is good for relationships since you wonโ€™t get bored and confabulate on interesting topics.
  2. Attention-seeking. Vietnam brides seek attention from the men they love. They love to be the number one and tell you straightly about their feelings if they understand the lack of attention.
  3. Hard-working. If you are looking for a lazy girl, a Vietnamese bride is not a good option. Marrying a Vietnamese woman means joining lives with a person ready to handle household chores and maintain a cozy atmosphere.
  4. Perceptive. Vietnamese ladies have a sensitive insight into their spouse's needs and, most importantly, they are amazing listeners.
  5. Loving. She will love only you and no one else. The only man who will truly be essential to her is you. When she has a problem, she comes to you; when she desires a deep conversation, she chooses you; when she feels like dancing, you will be the person she wants to dance with. Because you will be one and only for her.

Is it possible to come to Vietnam for a visit?

Vietnam women

Beautiful Vietnamese brides adore foreigners who come to their country. That is why it is not a problem to go to Vietnam and meet your loving future spouse there. You can do this after arranging a date with your lady. Most likely, you will need a visa, but non-visa options are also possible if you fill in other important points.

If you come to Vietnam for a visit, make sure you have presents for her family with you. It can be anything, beginning from American sweets up to clothing parts. Vietnamese people are very generous, and they will really appreciate this gesture.

How serious are Vietnamese women towards men on dating sites?

You can find Vietnamese wife on popular dating platforms, not a girlfriend only but a wife. The truth is, Vietnam brides become mail order brides for one essential reasonโ€”to find a husband. Thus, Vietnamese women are serious about men on dating platforms and seek no casual but committing relationships.

They desire to have a family and not just a one-night stand with a stranger. Their culture allowed them to become devoted, persistent, and reliable partners.

Vietnamese brides statistics: Success rate, divorce, children, visa statistics

Statistics can help you understand whether a marriage with a Vietnamese girl tends to be long-lasting or not. Besides this, you will acknowledge whether they tend to create families.

  1. Vietnamese brides tend to get married quite early compared to German ladies, for example. The average age of a Vietnam girl for marriage is 22.8 years. However, this tendency changes with millennials and Z-gen women who postpone marriage to 26โ€“27 years.
  2. The divorce rate is extremely low. The annual divorce rate is 0.2 divorces per 1,000 residents. The reason for that is womenโ€™s independence and meticulous search for men. They donโ€™t get married to males unless they have learned enough about them.
  3. Ladies from Vietnam get married quickly but give birth to children later. The average age of childbearing is 27.6 years. It is because they want to build careers before setting into family life.
  4. According to 2021 visa statistics, 10,458 visas were issued. Moreover, the number of ladies from Vietnam who apply for a K-1 visa is rising annually.

How to buy a mail order bride from Vietnam?

Vietnamese Brides

Desire to buy Vietnam wife? Well, then you need to stay as active as possible and do whatever it takes to attract the desirable woman. But what to start with? It is easy:

    • Search for a reputable platform with Asian women. Remember that a reputable platform is loaded with reviews, ID verification, and customer support.
    • Create an attractive profile with great photos and enough information about yourself. Indicate your real intentions and make sure you use photos only with you on them.
    • Take advantage of search tools and look for the desired profile. You can find a woman from a specific area, of a specific age, and even education.
    • Message as many women as you like and eventually concentrate on one lady. Take the initiative since passive males rarely find Vietnamese ladies for marriage.
    • Send presents to a Vietnam lady. It can be something simple, like a bouquet of flowers, candies, or a ticket to a massage.
    • Ask her out on a real date (you can set it in Vietnam or another country). It will shift your casual conversation to a deeper level of commitment.

How much does it cost to get a Vietnamese bride?

Vietnamese wife for sale is more possible if you choose online dating because offline options are time and money-consuming. You will need to go to Vietnam, then rent accommodation and search for ladies on the streets and other public places, which is not the best-case scenario since some of them can be intimidated by strangers or simply be married. Thus, the online option is far better, and here are the approximate costs:

  1. Communication on the website (messages, calls): $100-$200 a month.
  2. Online and offline presents: $50-$1,000.
  3. A trip to Vietnam for a real date:
    • A two-way ticket to Vietnam can cost $1,500-$2,000.
    • A two-week rent of accommodationโ€”$400-$500.
    • Food costsโ€”$100-$300.
    • Transportationโ€”$50-$100.

Therefore, the overall cost of a Vietnamese girl for marriage is $4,500-$5,000. With offline dating, you would have to pay more money and still find no one in Vietnam. This makes online dating a better option to find a Vietnam girl for sale.

There is a misconception among foreigners who stumble upon dating platforms about illegal mail order bride sites. Nonetheless, these kinds of sites are truly legal and have joined thousands of international couples together. All you need to do is to search for a trustworthy website. It is easy to find one since the legal website has tons of reviews, both negative and positive, customer service, a transparent money policy, and of course, an ID verification point.

ID verification is extremely important because it guarantees you're talking to a real person, which lowers the chances of scams and catfishing.

Vietnamese brides: dating tips

If you are an American who wants to date/marry a woman from this Asian country, there are two things you have to know. The first one is: Vietnamese women are different โ€” they have a different dating culture and dating etiquette, they have different traditions, and they actually live in a different cultural background. The second one is: these women are still women โ€” they love it when a man is respectful, when a man is interesting to talk to, etc. So, when it comes to dating Vietnamese, itโ€™s not that easy โ€” but itโ€™s also not as hard as you might think. The following tips will help you make it even easier.

vietnamese woman for marriage

  • Learn Vietnamese and (which is even more important) learn Vietnamese culture a bit. The more you know about it, the easier it will be for you to understand these women, and the easier it will be for you to cope with that notorious language barrier problem. Yes, itโ€™s quite a hard language to learn, especially for those who have never learned any Asian languages, but who says that you must be fluent in Vietnamese? A few common words, phrases, and expressions will be enough.
  • They are not as conservative as you probably think (if we are not talking about the girls in the countryside, of course). So don't get caught in the stereotype trap and donโ€™t expect to get a shy and obedient woman who will always do what you want. Yes, itโ€™s quite possible that youโ€™ll find her, but most of Vietnamese brides are nothing like it.
  • Flowers always work perfectly, as well as gifts. Even if it sounds a bit obsolete and all that, it still works in Asian countries (as well as in Eastern Europe and in Latin America). So if you want to make a good first impression, buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Youโ€™ve already asked what her favorite flower is, havenโ€™t you?
  • Donโ€™t spend too much. Bragging about money is annoying, but it still works in Vietnam. However, thatโ€™s not what you need โ€” if you are searching for Vietnamese brides for marriage, you donโ€™t want them to fall for your money, you want them to fall for you. A coffee date is a better first date than a night in a fancy restaurant in a long-term perspective.
  • Choose a decent and trusted website with Vietnamese brides for sale. Yes, itโ€™s obvious, but thatโ€™s the rule many Americans ignore โ€” they choose the first website they see in Google search results, chat with fake profiles, and lose money. Thatโ€™s definitely not what you want to get from a dating service โ€” so read some reviews and test the websites yourself to choose the best one.

The most interesting facts about Vietnamese brides

Vietnamese brides

Before you start looking for Vietnamese brides, you should know more about them. After all, these women differ from women who live in the United States, so you should understand these differences if you don't want to screw up. Let's talk about them.

  1. Supporting the family is a tradition that just canโ€™t be missed. It doesn't mean that you'll have to send them thousands of dollars every single month (but some men do it). It just means that you'll have to support the family of your wife in case they need your help, it's simple as that.
  2. As youโ€™ve already guessed, the family is extremely important for these women. So, if the family of your Vietnamese girlfriend doesnโ€™t like you, well, itโ€™s bad news. There are quite high chances that her family won't like you because you are not the same religion and not the same race โ€” it's sad, but that's how it works in this country, especially when it comes to the families who don't live in the major Vietnam cities. Thatโ€™s why we recommend you find a Vietnamese woman for marriage who lives in the capital of Vietnam. Young women who live in Hanoi are a bit more independent in this regard.
  3. Bringing her parents a gift is a must-do and you just canโ€™t ignore it. If you want your Vietnamese gf to become your Vietnamese wife, you have to make her parents like you. In Vietnam, โ€œmake her family like youโ€ means โ€œbuy her family expensive giftsโ€.
  4. One-night stands are very rare. Like, really rare โ€” especially outside major cities. If you are going to find a one-night stand, check out Little Japan and other red-light districts โ€” there are thousands of hostess girls and freelancing girls who will not have any problems with spending a fun night with you.
  5. PDA is not a big thing in Vietnam. It's not a big problem for the younger generation, but the traditions are still strong in Vietnam โ€” so if you are going to kiss your Vietnamese gf in public, well, think twice. Holding hands is ok, however.
  6. They donโ€™t just want to โ€œdateโ€ โ€” they want to date someone who has serious plans. Casual dating is not for Vietnamese brides โ€” we can't say that about 100% of young ladies who live in this country, but the absolute majority of them want something more serious, especially if they are older than 20 years old.
  7. If your girlfriend has a traditional family, everything becomes even more serious. In such a case, there is simply no โ€œdatingโ€ โ€” once you ask her out, you are already on your way to marriage.
  8. Yes, some of them are interested in your wallet and in your passport more than in you. Of course, you cannot buy a Vietnamese bride for marriage โ€” but unfortunately, there are gold-diggers in every country and Vietnam isnโ€™t worse than other Asian countries in this regard.
  9. Many of them know English quite well. Women with advanced and fluent English are the women you're looking for. Unfortunately, if you date a Vietnamese bride who doesnโ€™t speak English fluently, it will be frustrating to communicate with her because you will not be able to discuss meaningful topics or even tell each other about your feelings. So, be selective when it comes to the Vietnamese bridesโ€™ levels of English.
  10. Silky black hair, hot bodies, beautiful faces, etc. โ€” most of these women (and the absolute majority of them, when it comes to hot Vietnamese mail order wives) are extremely beautiful and hot. Well, we won't even focus on their beauty here โ€” you probably know it already. Just browse the profiles of hot mail order brides on literally any mail bride website and youโ€™ll see what weโ€™re talking about here.

Success stories

Vietnamese bride

Timothy and Sheea via EasternHoneys

Sheea caught my attention from the first second. Her photos on the horse looked spectacular. I realized that this is a woman of adventure. I love traveling too, and with Sheea, my travels have become more fulfilling since she knows so much. My bride from Vietnam is responsible and gentle. She knows what and when to say. I spent three blissful weeks with Sheea and her family, and I am happy to become the spouse of this fascinating woman.

Gordon and Liana via TheLuckyDate

The first thing I liked about Liana is that she wasnโ€™t trying to play hard to get. So many women from my country did it and I got sick of this. Liana was open to me abruptly, and I wanted to become more than her partner online. We met in Vietnam and took a bike ride around her area. It was so childish and cool at the same time. She is so sincere with her feelings. Iโ€™m blessed with Liana and hope for the future with her.