Hot European Mail Order Brides: Their Nature, Wishes, Dating Expectations

Eastern Europe is a picturesque place. However, men who visit the European countries usually do not pay a lot of attention to the sightseeing. Instead, they fall for almost every woman on the street, because there are too many tempting and gorgeous ladies to spend time to nature and architecture.

If you want to learn who European ladies for marriage are, you will find this article useful. Today we will tell you how and where you can find sexy mail order European brides and how not to fail the first date with a European girl.

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The image of a traditional European bride

hot European brides

Here we will discuss everything: from positive to controversial features of hot European women for marriage. You will see if such a woman can make you happy or make you afraid of meeting a woman with such contrasts in her soul.

Hot European girls support their partners no matter what's happening

No matter what is happening in your life, you will always have the support at home if you marry a European woman. It is a tradition in this region: it is in their blood and genes to be near their partner, no matter what influences their mood and health. It is traditional for a European bride to support her man when he is angry, sad, tired, and, of course when he is totally happy.

European mail order wives are jealous

God save you from the anger of a European woman who understands that you pay too much attention to another woman. It is a completely unacceptable behavior anywhere, but a European lady will notice even one flirting glance! Well, it is an exaggeration, but actually your girl will notice any changes in your attitude to her. However, you may experience nothing but ignorance or a certain cooling of your relationship. If you feel that, you should do everything you can to assure your girl that you love her and she is the only woman you need. If you do nothing, you will lose her: European women have too much pride to put up with such a behavior.

Family is the #1 for European girls

Self-knowledge and career building play a big role in the lives of European and American women. For European girls for marriage, family comfort comes first. The women from those countries cannot wait until 35 years old, because they have been told even in childhood that they should get married as soon as possible, and no objections are accepted - but only if they are ready for such a serious step. Western men like this feature of hot mail order wives, because to get a young, yet serious and intelligent woman is like getting a treasure.

European girls may seem reserved but itโ€™s an illusion

If you think that in Europe there are cold and reserved girls, you are wrong. They are active, talkative, and can charm anyone. But, you will see such an image only if you are among the close people of a European beauty. If not, she will remain friendly enough to talk to her, but never as kind and cool as she is with her friends and relatives.

European mail order brides have a special attitude to motherhood

European mothers have a very serious attitude to the parenthood, no matter where they live: in New York, Prague or Paris. They have a superintelligent and analytical approach to motherhood. They always ask themselves: โ€œWhat am I doing and why? What will be better for my child?โ€ And, at the same time, such involvement in parenthood does not prevent them from finding time for themselves. European women are not the victims of being mothers; they enjoy it. They are not afraid to ask for nannies and grandmothers for help because in European countries it is fine to raise children together with their relatives and rely on the help of close people.

Eastern European brides like American men. Why?

The American culture influences almost all the globe, and European countries experience this influence as well. Hollywood movies, fashion, magazines - it looks amazing and tells a lot about Western culture. Plenty of hot mail order European brides fall for this culture and start dreaming about an American partner.

The portrait of a Western man - depicted in movies, newspapers, and on the Internet - is highly attractive to sexy European beauties. They look handsome or just nice; they are good people who are ready to care about their relatives and be responsible for earning money. Women from Europe value traditional family roles, and Western men who appreciate the same hierarchy will find it comfortable to live with such girls.

Additionally, American men offer not only the protection, support, and higher life standards to their wives; they offer romance, positive emotions, new experiences, and respect. It is the life any girl wants to get, so you can meet a lot of girls who are highly interested in the relationship with you.

European mail order bridesโ€™ cost

If you choose โ€œthe hardcore pathโ€ (traditional real-life dating), you may spend thousands of dollars to meet sexy European brides. Visa, plane tickets, hotels, endless dates or speed dating, and constant fails can be a disappointment.

However, there is the path that is significantly easier: online dating sites. They allow single men to communicate with single women in various ways. Premium dating platforms offer video chats, instant chats, and calls, and it makes communication just like real. Moreover, there may be such services as sending presents, which is perfect for impressing a girl you like and making her feel loved. But, such sites usually demand payment for using their services. Some of them offer subscription plans, and the others have the system of credits that allows paying only for features you use.

Dating platforms represent a cheaper and more convenient way to meet hot European mail order brides. The cost of Eastern European brides may vary depending on what services you use and what site you choose to make contacts. The price of a mail order bride from Europe may reach $3,000, but it is an average cost.

What you should know not to fail a date with a European bride

After your long (or short) path to the heart of one of Eastern European mail order wives, you will be able to ask her for a real date. You may ask your lady to come to the US or anywhere else and pay for her tickets and ask her to stay at your house, or you can get visa and visit the homeland of your bride. No matter where you will be. the first date is too important to make mistakes. Use this short guide to impress your woman and donโ€™t do something to make her upset or disappointed.

  • Feminine and sexy European brides may seem to be the cold queens. But, you will see those beautiful cold faces only in such cases: on the first minutes of the first date and if you behave like a scared deer in the headlights when you should be confident and strict. She will smile and laugh after she feels that you are a good guy with serious intentions, so just give her some time.
  • European mail order brides will understand who you are within several minutes, so you better make a good impression on your woman. If you are afraid of looking hesitating or hilarious, just keep silent. Let her start a dialog and then answer her questions or anything she can say. If she is too shy to start talking first, compliment her and accompany her to the nearest cafe.
  • Food and drinks make people feel more comfortable. If you see that your woman cannot relax, but you feel that she is glad to see you, you can ask her to visit a tiny and cozy restaurant - check if there are any near the point of your meeting.
  • Donโ€™t make jokes on the stereotypes about her nation or country. It is the worst thing you can do on a date. First, it is rude, and second, it is just boring and doesnโ€™t make you look a clever interlocutor. If you come to your girl, ask about her, her life, and if she wants to tell you something about her countryโ€™s culture, listen with interest - well, at least show that you are interested. She will see if you want to listen further and stop it if you donโ€™t.
  • Get her flowers. In Eastern Europe, it is a tradition to give women bouquets. However, consider the place you are going to visit: if you are just going for a walk, you can buy a small bouquet, if she asks you to come to hers, take something more impressive. Girls adore flowers, and Eastern European mail order brides adore them a lot and wait for it, at least on the first date.
  • Dating a European woman will be easy if you remember one thing: donโ€™t try to get closer to her body and donโ€™t hint on sex on the first date. Never do it. You can show your woman that you are highly interested in her mind, personality, and, yes, you pay attention to her beautiful and tempting lips. Hug her, kiss her if you feel that you can, but do not rush things.
  • Pay for her anywhere you are. If you have had relationships with women who want to do everything by themselves, you may be pleasantly (or not) surprised by the traditions in European countries. Beautiful European women do want men to pay for them, to open the doors to them, to be gallant, and polite. If you are not ready to be generous, you should seek the other girls to date. Chivalry is kind of an old custom in those lands, so no wonder every attractive woman wants a man near her to behave accordingly.
  • Some European girls are superstitious, but usually, it is just a nice feature of character anyone can live with. For example, some ladies do not borrow money in the evening or get depressed after breaking a mirror. Donโ€™t laugh at your lady, even if you are the most pragmatic man in the world. Let her be herself, and she will be grateful for your respect of her traditions. Later she may see that all her superstitions are just the myths and your life with her will be simpler.

Final word

If you are a good guy who dreams about a lady with a serious, yet positive attitude to life, you should try to make contacts with hot European women for marriage. Single girls from Eastern Europe will do everything for their family members to be happy and joyful - everything that depends on them. If you are going to date a European beauty, be polite, respectful, and attentive to her, and she will answer you with all her heart. Searching for your beloved one in the other part of the world may seem challenging at the very beginning, yet it is absolutely worth in the end. Moreover, with the help of online dating services it is now much more simple and enjoyable.