Match Truly Review: What You’ll Like And What You Won’t

Match Truly Dating Site Review

Match Truly has lots of cool features, that's true. There are also tens of thousands of ladies here, which is another advantage of this site (what's more, most of them are real). It's also a paid site, but you won't have to pay right after the registration, because it offers lots of free services. Sounds interesting? We are sure it does! Continue reading this short but detailed Match Truly review and decide whether it's worth your time or not!

7.4 Total Score
Ease of use
Customer Service
Number of members
Quality of Profiles
Safety and AntiScam
Value Of Money

Full review of Match Truly

So, is it a safe website? What about the registration? Is the site interface good? Our experts will give all the answers right now!

And we’ll begin with the comparison of the pros and cons because it’s probably the best way to understand if it’s any good or not. Let’s start.

  • Good reputation — this website was established more than 10 years ago, and almost all the customer reviews we've found are 100% positive.
  • Nice mobile version. If you prefer chatting on your mobile phone, you won’t be disappointed — Match Truly is very fast and intuitive.
  • Reasonable prices. We can’t say that they are low because they aren’t, but they are not too high either.
  • Very fast registration. You won’t have to upload your documents, to take a photo with your webcam, etc.
  • Lots of free services. You can use the search tools, send “Winks” and “Likes” even if you are a free user.
  • Match Truly is 100% safe. SSL certificates, anti-scam measures — everything is ok here.
  • The ladies! They are extremely beautiful, it’s impossible not to notice it.
  • Match Truly isn’t free. Messaging tools, private photos, requesting for contact info — all these services are paid-based.
  • We can’t say that 100% of ladies are real. Unfortunately, some of them act like bots (we’ll talk about it later).

Ease of use

There are several rules of interface design — like, it must be comfortable, the website must work fast, etc, etc. Match Truly website doesn’t disappoint in this regard — all the buttons are intuitive here, so you will not have any problems. Unfortunately, there is no Android/iOS app, but the mobile version of the site is quite good.

Registration process

mutchtruly registratoin

We can’t say much about the registration. The thing is, it’s extremely simple — you only have to enter your email, to answer a dozen questions, and to choose a photo, that’s all.

“Wait, but what about the verification”, you may ask. The coolest thing about the registration on Match Truly is that this website doesn’t require any verification — yes, you can send a verification mail to your email address and even upload your driver’s license, but it’s not required.

Quality of Profiles

There are two facts about the profiles, and here’s the first one: Most of them are verified, which means they are 100% real. ID verification is one of those types of verification that are impossible to bypass, so if a lady has validated profile, you shouldn’t worry about if she’s real or not. But the second fact you have to know is: there are still lots of fake profiles here.

And it isn’t a serious problem, really. These profiles are very easy to detect — they have weird description, you can google their photos and find lots of pages with them, and they send messages to you even if you have just created a profile and there is no profile photo/description yet. It’s up to you to choose what to do with such profiles — we recommend blocking them, but you can also report abuse. The good news is that the number of such profiles is not so high here.

Communication tools

Match Truly Girls

You can send a long message and use live chat on Match Truly. The bad news is that there is no video chat here — but we believe that it’s not as bad. The thing is, video chat feature is usually extremely expensive — so it’s all about the philosophy of this dating website. Here’s how we see it: Match Truly doesn't offer any expensive features, such as a video chat, but it has developed a perfect price-to-quality balance. It's the kind of dating site that doesn't need thousands of dollars, and it's great.



Match Truly has a credit system, so if you are going to communicate with women, you’ll have to buy credits. The prices are here:


Benefits of paid membership

You can add a woman to favorites and send a wink — all these services are free, and they are available even for the basic users. Messaging tools are paid-based — yes, all of them. But we also have some good news — these services are not so expensive, so as we’ve said, you won't have to spend thousands here. Let's be more detailed:

  • Live chat — 2 credits per minute.
  • Photo comments — 2 credits per comment.
  • Sending letters — 10 credits for the first one, 30 for each consecutive letter.
  • Opening letters — 10 credits.
  • Profile videos — 25 for watching, 100 credits for uploading a video.

But that’s not all. The premium users can also request for a meeting and request for the personal contact info of a woman — these services are quite expensive, but they are definitely worth it. After all, that's what you've come here for, right?

Customer Service

Match Truly Main

Toll-free phone number, live chat that is available 24/7... Forget about it. It's sad, but Match Truly does only offer one way to reach the customer support: email. Yes, they answer quite fast, and yes, we can't complain about the quality of their work, but the plain fact is, there is still no live chat here. The point is: a live chat is a must-have for every dating site — especially if it's as big and popular as Match Truly. But will the absence of a chat spoil your experience? It probably won’t.

Safety and Anti-scam

It’s a safe website, that’s all we can say about it. It has a valid SSL certificate, it’s free of malware, and almost 100% of the women have validated profiles. Yeah, you’ll most likely notice some fake accounts — but it’s not the kind of problem you should worry about it. If you see a fake account, just block it, and it’s done.


Is Match Truly perfect? Unfortunately, it isn’t. There is no customer support live chat here, not 100% of the women are real, and there is no video chat. But is it still worth your attention? Of course, it is! It has thousands of real beautiful girls from all over the world, it’s quite cheap, and it has an almost perfect reputation. So yes, we believe that you should try it. After all, you can test it for free!