How To Find Marry A Beautiful Italian Bride

Thousands of men are looking for foreign mail order brides every year, and Italy consistently occupies one of the top spots as the most popular destination for those men. Italian brides are good-looking, passionate, and incredibly loyal โ€” in other words, they possess every trait you may be looking for in foreign ladies for marriage. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about Italian brides for sale.

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Four qualities of Italian brides that will make you long for them

It would take us ages to describe every positive feature of Italian mail order wives, but if you know little to nothing about Italian brides and simply want to get the first impression about these fabulous women, here is what makes them so attractive.

They have a goddess-like appearance

Classic Italian movies did a pretty good job of giving us all the ideas about the appearance of hot Italian women, but even they donโ€™t do Italian brides complete justice. When you see a gorgeous Italian lady in person for the first time, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Their dark hair, silky olive skin, piercing brown eyes, and infectious smiles are enough to make any man want to buy a bride from Italy.

They give their all to romance

When an Italian woman is in love, she wants the whole world to know about it. Once you and your Italian bride begin a serious relationship, you can rest assured you will always be her top priority and she will never choose anything else over spending an evening with you.

You can never get bored with an Italian bride

italian brides

At first, you will probably become interested in Italian brides for sale thanks to their incredible attractiveness, but these women have a lot more to offer than being sexy and good-looking. Italian women are highly intelligent, witty, and have a surprising sense of humor, which is why you can spend ages talking to your Italian bride and never want it to stop.

They will never make you question their loyalty

You may have heard about Italian girls being jealous, but this jealousy only comes from their fierce sense of loyalty. They are afraid of having their hearts broken by a man being unfaithful, and as long as you donโ€™t give them any reasons to feel jealous, they can offer their unquestionable loyalty in return.

The most beautiful and famous women from Italy

Over the decades, Italy has given the world numerous female celebrities who are worshipped for their talents, personalities, and ethereal beauty. These are just some of the Italian women that achieved worldwide popularity.

  1. Sophie Loren, the famed Italian actress who helped popularize the Italian standard of beauty and passion through her iconic roles.
  2. Isabella Rossellini, an acclaimed model and actress who is highly regarded for her flawless features and talent.
  3. Monica Bellucci, an actress who is more synonymous with beauty, femininity, and grace than any Italian celebrity before her.

Dating an Italian bride: the most helpful tips

We understand that your ultimate goal is to find a wife from Italy, but before that can happen, you will need to spend some time dating an Italian mail order bride. This is what you can do to make that relationship successful.

  • Get acquainted with the Italian language and culture. An Italian bride will be very impressed if you come to the first date with some knowledge of her cultural background and language.
  • Take things slowly. Italian singles are in no rush to get married and prefer to get closer to their partner first. One-night-stands are obviously out of question as well.
  • Opt for classic dates at first. Italian mail order wives are hopeless romantics at hearts and there is nothing that will make them happier than a restaurant date followed by a night walk.
  • Get to know her friends and family. The best way to understand Italians in general and your potential Italian wife, in particular, is to immerse yourself in her social circle.
  • Learn when itโ€™s best to stop talking. Italian women are known for their fiery temperament, and if you donโ€™t feel like arguing, you need to know when you should simply listen.

Why do Italian brides seek foreign men online instead of seeking them in Italy?

It is essential to understand why European mail order brides want to seek husbands online instead of simply marrying men that live in European countries. While most women do that, it is clear that some girls just want to use online mail order bride services to find a husband online. So, what encourages Italian women for marriage to look for foreign guys online? Letโ€™s find out!

Italian bride

Italian wives want to have a better life

This is the most common reason for foreign ladies to start using mail order bride services. It is widespread for girls to desire a better life regardless of whom, so seeking a partner locally is not always preferable. Fortunately, online dating has provided thousands of people worldwide with an excellent opportunity to meet anyone they want. So, hundreds of beautiful and passionate Italian mail order brides do what they want and enjoy their lives with the men they love.

Italian brides canโ€™t find a suitable husband in Italy

Italian men share a lot of similarities with guys from Latin countries. They are also very passionate, emotional, and expressive. But they can be arrogant and aggressive, and even though it can be explained as a cultural feature, it doesnโ€™t make relationships with them better. So, unable to find a suitable husband in Italy, girls from this country decide to look somewhere else, and considering the increasing popularity of online dating, it is quite reasonable for Italian brides to seek husbands online.

They just seek adventures and new emotions

One of the most important qualities of Italian women is that they are very active, engaging, and energetic people. They always want to get new adventures and enjoy their lives to the fullest. So, it is quite natural for some young Italian girls for marriage to seek a man from another country. It is fun, refreshing, and promising to get them a lot of interesting experiences and feelings.

Italian mail order brides statistics

Seeking an Italian mail order bride is easy if you know what you are doing and how to achieve maximum results. To help you with that, you need to learn as much as possible about Italian girls, as the more you know, the better your chances of success. In this section, we would like to offer some key facts about Italian women for marriage so that you can better understand who these ladies are, what they want, and how you can make their lives happier.

Success rate

What makes a search for an Italian wife enjoyable is that girls from this country are very approachable. It is not difficult to build a relationship with an Italian woman, although you will have to work quite hard to make those relationships into something serious. However, the first steps are elementary, so the success rate of seeking a suitable date on an Italian mail order bride website is usually very high, around 85%.

Italian brides

If you do everything correctly, you will find that Italian women for marriage are fun, sociable, and energetic ladies who seek happiness and love. This is all they want, so if you can give them that, you will always be successful!

Divorce rate

The divorce rates in Italy are pretty high, as about 40-60% of couples end up in divorce. It should be noted that COVID has impacted the last two years, but even before the pandemic, Italian couples divorced quite often. Nevertheless, this can be explained by the fact that Italian people are exceptionally emotional. And while it can have a positive impact on the dynamics of the relationship, sometimes, there is too much drama that breaks the relationship. This is why Italian women want to meet and marry foreigners to balance the level of emotions in the relationships.

Visa statistics

Mail order brides Italian are not the most popular women for marriage onlineโ€”it is a fact. Yet, quite a few guys are interested in women from this country. And the reasons are very understandable: an Italian bride is known to be an exceptionally beautiful woman with proper skills and manners. In 2020, only 70 mail order brides received a K-1 visa, a document needed for a foreign fiancรฉ to enter the United States in order to get married. And the number of Italian-American couples that were formed after online communication is much higher since many decide to get married in Italy or simply have serious relationships.

Italian mail order brides

Yes, mail order bride websites where you can find an Italian girl looking for marriage are real. But you have to work to choose a website that wonโ€™t scam you. Indeed, the current situation with mail order wife websites is that there are a lot of fake platforms that are created to get your money or private information. Some websites donโ€™t have real users and create an illusion that there are thousands of real profiles and people. However, once you spend even a few dollars, you are given nothing in return.

To figure out whether a website is real or not, all you have to do is conduct a small research. If you want to use some dating website, try finding articles and reviews about it. If you canโ€™t find anything, it is probably a fake website. If you see many negative reviews on multiple sources, it is probably a fraudulent website. But if you find plenty of reviews, and the majority of them are positive, then it should be a credible website.

Examples of successful love stories from men who found an Italian mail order wife

Isabella and Steven

โ€œWhen I first saw Isabella, I couldnโ€™t believe that women of such beauty could use online dating sites. But once I saw that she was a real person and that she looked like that, I knew that I had to marry that woman. I wouldnโ€™t lie, it wasnโ€™t easy to switch from casual but interesting online communication to fully fledge serious long-distance relationships. I had to be creative, charming, and devoted. But it all paid off. Right now, my wife is sitting right by my side and smiling, recalling those times when we just chatted online. She has made me the happiest man on the planet!โ€

Italian mail order bride

Marko and Giana

"If you want to be with an Italian woman, you should try online dating. I was always fascinated with girls from this country and even tried to find a date while staying in Italy. But it is better to do that online. Offline dating in Italy is very peculiar, online dating is much simpler. Giana is a fun woman who has made me a better person. She helps me to learn new things every single day. I started traveling because of her! I cannot imagine my life without her right now, so if you want to become a better version of yourself, you can be sure that an Italian mail order wife can help you achieve that!"

Pros and cons of marrying an Italian bride

Before you begin looking for an Italian bride online or in person, we want you to be fully prepared for life with an Italian bride. These are the biggest pros of having an Italian wife:

  • The spark between you will never fizzle out. Italian women understand that a good relationship needs work and they are ready to invest a lot of effort into keeping the love alive.
  • You will fall in love with home cooking. To an Italian girl, cooking is not a chore โ€” itโ€™s just one more way to take care of the man she loves.
  • Your family will get twice as big. When you marry into an Italian family, you can expect these people to accept you as one of their own and treat you like a son.

However, there are some cons to Italian women for marriage you also should know about:

  • It may be hard to get anywhere on time. Italian brides have a famously relaxed attitude to punctuality and prefer to take their time when getting ready to go out.
  • Forget calm and collected discussions. A quiet talk with an Italian woman can turn into a heated argument at the snap of your fingers, but the good news is that any argument will be followed by an equally heated session of making up.

Where can you find an Italian mail order bride and how much does it cost?

italian mail order bride

When you want to find a wife from Italy, your first thought is probably to book a flight to the country and do your search on the ground while also enjoying the famous Italian architecture, landscapes, and hospitality. However, while you are guaranteed to have a lovely time in Italy, there is a very small chance you will actually meet your Italian that way. Italy is too big and diverse of a country to visit in one trip, and not every Italian woman you meet on the streets will be willing to move abroad with you.

A much easier, budget-friendly, and effective way to meet your Italian soulmate is to look for Italian brides online. Italian girls, who want to marry foreigners, sign up to international dating sites as mail order brides. It means that you wonโ€™t have to waste any time and effort trying to convince an Italian bride to consider marrying a foreigner and will instead be able to focus on the romance and your blossoming relationship. Signing up for those dating sites is usually free, but you will need to pay for site membership, as well as various communication features. Typically, men spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on their search for Italian mail order bride. Please note that you cannot actually buy a bride from Italy, as itโ€™s illegal. You pay for the siteโ€™s features that help you to meet your one and only and create a relationship of your dream.

Final thoughts

The decision to spend your life and find a wife from Italy, who is probably thousands of miles away from you, is by no means an easy one. However, we can say with confidence that itโ€™s the decision you will never regret. An Italian bride will become the last piece of the puzzle to make your life complete and cause you to question how you have lived for all those years without her. If you are ready to transform your life for good, begin your search for your perfect Italian mail order wife today!