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Dating Tips

Dating Safety: Vitally Important Tips

Dating may be pleasant, bright, memorable, and… Dangerous.

Luckily, it may harm you only if you know literally nothing about people, the Internet, social networks, and general rules of behavior with the new friends. We are sure that the majority of our readers can deal with online and traditional dating by themselves; but, the reality sometimes makes us review even general rules and get surprised with the new ones.

The society is developing new ways to communicate, draw attention, and, of course, lie. To avoid any problems and save your money and health, we have collected everything we know about safe dating. If you are going to start your dating journey soon, please, read it and come back to refresh your memory. It can save your life.

Things you should remember during online dating

The majority of single people start with online dating because of its convenience. The online world allows us to communicate with millions of people, have a great choice, seek a partner abroad, and even flirt with someone on the other continent. Everyone can find a soulmate on the web.

However, this world has not only the advantages but the pitfalls also. During your searching for the man or woman of your dreams, be careful and attentive and keep in mind the following tips.

  1. Don’t give your personal info and address to the new friends

    Seemingly simple data, such as your relatives’ names or where have you studied, may be used to find you in real life. There are people called “stalkers” who have the addiction to snooping. No one wants to be found by the people he/she knows for a few days, no one wants his/her home to be a place everyone can come to and disturb everyone who lives there. Home is the castle where you can hide and feel comfortable. Don’t let the other people enter it without your permission.

  2. Don’t reveal your phone number too early

    The world experiences the rise of the messengers. Today it may be even considered as rudeness to call someone, instead of sending a silent message that can be read and answered anytime a recipient wants. Yet, some people still prefer calls. If you are one of such people, be careful with giving your phone number: you may not know the new friends well enough to say that they will never call you at 5 AM or disturb you twenty times a day. Keep your personal place personal, until you feel that you can trust your online interlocutors.

  3. Don’t use photos that are on your social networks

    If you upload to your dating site profile, the same photos that are on Facebook or any other social network that can be connected to a dating site. People may run Google image search on your photos and find a lot of information about your life, work, relatives, and so on. Keep your life in secret until the moment you are ready to reveal some details.

  4. Search for your interlocutors in the Internet

    As far as you know that some people may google you, you should understand that you can and even should do the same. There may be plenty of data about a person, and you will understand whether or not you want to meet him or her.

  5. Use video chat before meeting

    We should not even mention that you should know a person you are going to meet. You should do it to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as meeting a guy with a beard instead of a beautiful redhead with green eyes depicted on the profile photos. Additionally, video chat will show you your date’s manner to talk and behave, and you will be able to notice if there is something weird in it.

  6. Don’t answer the unpleasant people

    Don’t hesitate to get invisible or delete the messages from people you do not want to talk with. It is your life, and you decide who will enter it and who will remain just a friend or a passer-by. You do not need to feel pressure and answer the unpleasant interlocutors: every time you reply on a message, you make your interlocutor think that you are interested in further communication.

Traditional dating tips

After you realize that a person you like may become a person you love, but there is a need in a meeting, you should be prepared for everything on a real date. Here are some tips to follow while traditional dating.

Choose public places for the first dates

The most widespread tip is so popular for a reason: you never know who is your date before meeting. To make sure that you are safe, choose a public place with plenty of people who will help you if needed. And, try to pick the place to meet by yourself: be initiative. It will make you relaxed in a place you know.

  1. Try a group date

    If you are a new person to online dating or just do not want to meet your date alone, you can ask him/her for a group date. Take your friends with you and have a good time! It is safe, and you will feel calm being surrounded by your close people. By the way, it is a perfect possibility to expand your social circle.

  2. Tell your friends or relatives where you will go

    It is a basic rule everyone should know. Just do it and go to date at peace with your heart.

  3. Control the amount of alcohol you take

    Alcohol does not assault people; it is people who assault people. Be careful with the amount of alcohol you take, as it may blind you and make weak, and you may get in trouble and cannot take the situation under your control.

  4. Don’t be afraid to leave if you feel uncomfortable

    If you feel that your date is not the person you have always been dreaming about, you can just leave - but do it politely. You should not hurt the feelings of your potential partner. Just say that you’re gotta go and you have a business. A guy or girl will understand that you do not have any feelings towards him/her. If not - explain why you don’t want to continue your communication.

  5. Don’t allow your online friend to accompany you to your house

    To ask your date to pick you up for the first date is a bad idea. Only imagine that a person you know only online will know where you live, and then you will be in a car with him, a stranger you’ve met on the web! It is a romantic gesture, but you should drive yourself or take public transportation. And, remember that you should do the same when coming back to your house.