Bulgarian Brides: Dating Tips And A Lot Of Useful Advice

Bulgaria is one of those countries an average American knows very little about. Well, even if you know something about the history and traditions of this country, you probably want to know more about how to date beautiful Bulgarian women. Here, you’ll find all the answers you need — so if you are going to start searching for hot Bulgarian brides online, wait a minute and read this guide first!

Bulgarian mail order brides: the best dating tips

Bulgarian mail order brides

Here’s how it works: there are no rules that would work for 100% of Bulgarian mail order brides — all Bulgarian women for marriage are unique and there are no things that all of them love or hate. All of them are different, and it has nothing to do with the nation they come from — a woman from Bulgaria may have more in common with a woman from the United States than with another woman from Bulgaria. However, there are some rules that will help you with most hot foreign women from this country. Let's be more detailed.

  1. Talk about her country and about her culture. The thing is, this country has a long and very rich history — and Bulgarians are very proud of their culture and traditions. That's why it would be a great topic to discuss on the first date — there won’t be that awkward science that is a common problem on the first dates with foreign women, and you’ll surely know a lot of interesting facts about this country. Bulgarian brides really love talking about this topic, so you shouldn’t ignore this advice.
  2. Show her that you have serious intentions. Yes, this country is quite Westernized when it comes to the dating culture and relationships, but one thing stays the same: Bulgarian brides for marriage are looking for something more serious than casual dating. That’s how it has always been and will always be — most young Bulgarian women have very serious intentions and think that dating must lead to marriage. If you think the same and share the same opinion, your chances are probably quite high — but of course, you should tell your Bulgarian gf that you are very serious about this whole online dating thing. Talk about your plans, show her that you are not looking for a one-night stand, and everything will be ok.
  3. Don't say anything that can abuse her. Yes, this is a very general rule and you can’t hurt any woman, not just Bulgarian. But the thing is, Bulgarian brides are very, very hot-tempered and loud, so if you offend your Bulgarian gf, you will probably never see her again. Be careful with these girls.
  4. Make the conversation interesting. Whether you are chatting with gorgeous Bulgarian brides online or having an offline date, it’s always the same. These women are very sociable and easily approachable, but they won't do all the work for you — they love it when a man is interesting to talk to. Don't talk about your ex, about how much you earn, about politics, and about religion — these topics are very personal and too heavy. Instead, talk about the place you call home, about her country, about something fun and interesting, etc. Well, you probably know all these rules already.
  5. Pay for the date. In the United States and other countries that are in the top-10 Most Feminist Countries In The World list, you can go Dutch. But when it comes to Bulgarian brides, this is not even an option. Most of them think that a man who doesn’t pay for the date doesn’t deserve a second date at all — it has nothing to do with gold-digging, it’s just the way they see dating and their dating culture, that’s all. Bulgarian women for marriage are 100% worth the money, so you won’t be sorry for paying for the date.
  6. Bulgarian women for marriage will most likely touch you a lot, but it doesn’t mean that you should expect sex on the first date. That’s the way Bulgarian brides express their feelings and that’s how they show that they like you, but it’s not a ticket to their beds. Just don't let their open behavior mislead you.
  7. Be romantic. Most Bulgarian women for marriage love it when a man comes up with some romantic ideas. A meteor shower date, a sunset picnic, a romantic dinner for two, a lake date (rent a boat, it's a 100% working idea), etc, etc — there are lots of things you can do to impress Bulgarian women for marriage.