A Simple And Effective Guide To Find Spanish Mail Order Brides

In this guide, we are going to tell you why men from the United States are so eager to marry Spanish brides online. Also, you will learn what Spanish women for marriage seek in American guys to build serious and happy relationships. We are going to explain the simple steps needed to find a bride from Spain as well as what you need to do to have a perfect date with a Spanish mail order wife!

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Why do men choose a wife From Spain?

What makes these women so appealing and demanded? While every man has his own dream girl, it is possible to say that women from this country meet the preferences and demands of thousands of men in the United States. Letโ€™s take a look at the most common reasons for American men to choose Spanish mail order brides!

Spain mail order brides
  • They are modest. Very often, women from Spain are compared to Latinas. While they may have some features in common, Spanish women for marriage are less glamorous and more modest. They do not dress to impress men with their hotness. Instead, they try to be cute but moderate.
  • They are very Westernized. Girls from Spain will surprise you with how liberal and independent they are. They believe that equality and family values can exist together. It will be very easy for you to find common ground with a Spanish bride!
  • They are passionate and emotional. Spain is a country where people are not afraid of expressing their emotions and feelings as they want. Indeed, Spanish brides can be quite quick-tempered. However, they would never offend someone without a solid reason.
  • They respect family values. Most Spanish mail order brides live with their parents until they are married. While casual relationships among young Spanish women are common, marriage is considered sacred. Most girls that you will find are going to seek a man to spend the rest of their lives with.
  • They are tough. Most mail order brides from Spain that you will be able to find are not going to seek a sponsor or a man who will make all the decisions. Spanish brides for sale look for an equal partner. Therefore, these girls do not seek wealthy men โ€“ they seek love.
  • They are eager to date foreigners. Spain is a tourist country, which is why the majority of young Spanish brides are going to be fluent in English. There is nothing against dating a foreigner as long as he treats his date with respect, honor, and love.

What does a typical Spanish wife look like?

While Spanish mail order brides possess many valuable qualities, most guys interested in women from this country want to get a Spanish wife because she looks stunningly beautiful. Indeed, if you are a fan of Latin appearance, then you are in luck since Spanish women for marriage are the closest you can find to girls from Brazil, Argentina, or any other Latin country!

Now, letโ€™s take a look at what a typical Spanish bride looks like:

  • She has slightly tanned skin. Girls from Spain are more white than non-white, although they adore tanning under the sun!
  • Wide hips, slim waist, large bosoms. Girls from Spain are usually not exceptionally thin, yet it is difficult to call them heavy. They are curvy in all the right places!
  • Full lips, mesmerizing eyes, and luscious hair. Spanish mail order brides can make you fall in love with them with a single glance of their dark and beautiful eyes!

Of course, this description is rather general, and you can easily find blonde Spanish women or petite and tiny girls from this country. However, understanding what type of girls you can find in this country is essential if you are looking for Spanish wife.

The character of Spain mail order brides

Now that we have discussed the main facts about the appearance of Spanish wives, letโ€™s talk about the inner qualities of these women. Again, our description is not going to fit all women. But in general, these facts are universal when it comes to ladies from Spain.

Spanish brides are emotional, passionate, and expressive

Just like Latin women for marriage, Spanish brides are emotional and passionate. They will tell you everything in high detail. Emotions play an essential role in your relationships, so if you want to be successful, you should also display some!

Women from Spain can get rather jealous

Paying attention to your bride is the key to successful relationships. You should remember that if you want to have a serious relationship with a woman from this country, make sure you devote everything you have. Donโ€™t date other girls, as this would put an end to your chances. Donโ€™t talk about your past relationships.

Spanish girls for marriage can be demanding

Indeed, women from this country can demand a lot from their husbands and boyfriends. And it goes for both finances and emotions. She will require you to provide her with everything she wants, both in terms of gifts and feelings.

Why do Spanish brides seek men online instead of in Spain?

One of the common questions about mail order brides is the reason why so many girls are looking for husbands online. Especially, when considering the fact that these girls are so beautiful. While European brides from other countries may have different reasons, mature Spanish women for marriage donโ€™t want to build a serious relationship with locals for a few common reasons.

Spanish brides
  1. Spanish men can be very aggressive, ignorant, and arrogant. Latin countries have a cultural phenomenon that is called machismo. Men, according to this phenomenon, should be strong, confident, and decisive. But they also become ignorant, arrogant, aggressive, and disrespectful. And while some women can look past these qualities, girls who become mail order brides cannot. So, they seek a chance to find true love and happiness elsewhere.
  2. Desire to have a better life. The majority of Spain mail order brides want to marry a man from a Western country, the United States in particular. They want to have a better life, and Americans can give them exactly what they need or want.
  3. Adventurous spirit. Spanish women are active, engaging, and energetic. They want to get new experiences all the time, so a lot of young girls see such relationships as a chance to experience something new in their lives.

Regardless of the reason, you can be sure that a Spanish mail order wife looks for true love and happiness. She wants to find a man who will make her the happiest woman on the planet.

Spanish mail order brides statistics

Now that you know quite a few facts about Spanish women for marriage online, letโ€™s talk about statistics. This section will help you understand what to expect from such relationships and offer a few statistical figures on how popular Spanish women for marriage are.

Success rate

Spanish mail order brides are rather popular among foreigners. And this can be explained by the fact that these women are communicative and approachable. They are eager to chat with anyone who writes to them. The thing is, it is effortless to approach a Spanish bride, but if you want to build a serious relationship, you will have to put in some effort. So, almost 95% of men who approach Spanish girls are successful in that, but only 60% of those guys end up in serious relationships.


Spain is the 3rd country in Europe with the highest divorce rates. 85% of couples end up in divorce! Sociologists claim that the reason for such high numbers can be incompatibility, infidelity, substance addiction, and physical/mental abuse.

Visa statistics

In 2020, only 79 mail order brides from Spain received a K-1 visa, a document needed for foreign fiancรฉs to enter the United States in order to get married there. While the number is rather low, it is essential to emphasize that it doesnโ€™t count couples that got married outside the United States, and there are a lot of them due to lower prices for weddings in Spain.

What do Spanish women for marriage seek in Western men?

spanish women for dating

Now that you know more about reasons to look for beautiful and single mail order wives from Spain, it is high time to find out why so many girls from this country look for a foreign relationship.

Confident and considerate

It is possible to say that most women from across the globe want their men to be confident, responsible, and considerate. Gorgeous Spanish brides for marriage are not an exception. If you want to make a good first impression and build serious relationships with a woman from this country, you should show that you are a confident and strong man.

Romantic and generous

Dating a Spanish wife means treating her like a queen. She should receive daily presents and compliments. If you want to be successful, you should never be avaricious. Of course, it does not mean that you need to spoil your lady. However, flowers and small gifts will improve your chances significantly!

Clean and tidy

One of the essential things for Spanish brides online is the appearance of their partners. You have to look clean and tidy all the time. Even though online dating does not require you to actually be in the same room, personal hygiene is one of the definitive factors for Spanish brides.

Patient and uncomplaining

Girls from this country are not very responsible. They may be late for dates, forget about your plans, or decide to change everything at the last minute. Mood swings and the quick-tempered character of young and good looking brides is what you need to expect.

How do mail order wives from Spain view marriage and family?

To buy a bride who is family-oriented, you do not need to spend too much time looking for a perfect partner. Thousands of mail order wives from Spain are eager to create a serious and happy family with a guy from the United States. Family is the foundation of life in Spanish culture. Both girls and boys dream of meeting their soul mates to create a harmonious and happy family.

How to buy a bride from Spain?

sexy brides from spain for sale

If you seek to find a wife online, there are dozens of dating platforms that will help you a lot. While you can go to Spain, online dating is simpler and cheaper than traditional dating. Letโ€™s find out what you need to do to meet and marry a pretty Spanish wife!

  1. Choose an appropriate dating platform that meets all your needs and preferences.
  2. Create an account and figure out what options you can use to meet women for marriage.
  3. Write down the qualities and features of your future wife โ€“ specify her appearance, habits, and goals.
  4. Use searching tools to look for women who meet your demands.
  5. Communicate with dates that you can find on the site.

As you can see, the whole process is simple and rather quick. In general, it takes less than an hour to sign up and figure out how the website works. On average, guys spend a week of communication to find a few potential mail order wives.

How to have an excellent date with sexy brides for sale from Spain?

Now that you know a lot about magnificent and sexy Spanish brides, it is quite useful to mention a few things that will help you have a perfect time with your date. These tips can help you improve your chances of making a great impression on your future wife!

Spanish wife

Ask your date a lot of questions

Spanish women for marriage love attention. You need to show that she is the center of your world. Ask her about her family, friends, interests, and other aspects of her life.

Never say anything bad about Spain

Most girls from this country are very patriotic. Even though there are plenty of social and economic problems in the country, it is better to avoid such topics.

Do not show impatience or annoyance

Your date would probably be late quite often. However, it is more of a cultural quality than a personal feature. Your date would expect you to patiently deal with her poor time management.

Be romantic

While it is a common tip for anyone who wants to make a great impression on women, Spanish mail order brides demand compliments and romantic gestures all the time. You do not need to buy your date new iPhones every single month. However, a small present or fresh flowers would improve your chances of having a perfect relationship!

How much does it cost to find a Spanish mail order bride online? Why is it more affordable than offline dating?

The question of cost is usually very common when it comes to seeking a foreign mail order bride. Before we tell you all about the cost, it is essential to clarify one thing. You may find the phrase โ€˜to buy a bride onlineโ€™, and these words usually confuse a lot of men. First of all, you donโ€™t buy anyone. This phrase simply means to spend money on communication. Girls you can find online are not forced to do anything against their will. They can date whomever they want.

Now that we have clarified that, letโ€™s talk about the cost of finding a Spanish mail order bride online. One of the benefits of online dating is the fact that it is very affordable. Of course, it depends on the site that you are using and your financial capabilities. However, on average, men spend around $50-$100 per month on a dating site. Whether it is a website with credits or a premium membership, you can expect to spend way less compared to real-life dating.

So why is online dating more affordable than real-life communication? When seeking a date or bride offline, you have to spend money on the first dates, and these dates can be unsuccessful. However, a trip to a restaurant or even two tickets to a film can be rather expensive. Conversely, online dating allows you to have a proper conversation for a few dollars. You can learn quite a lot about a woman without spending a single dollar by checking out her profile page.

Yes, online communication is real if you use the correct online dating sites. There are plenty of platforms that you can use to seek Spanish mail order brides. However, there are even more fake and fraudulent platforms. So, you must be very careful when choosing a website you want to use. Read articles and reviews, look for personal feedback, and donโ€™t hurry to spend your money on a website you know nothing about.

Love stories of men who found Spanish women for marriage online

Women from Spain

Valeria and George

โ€œMy story is very simple. I met Val 2 years ago. We had a rocky start, but once we found a common topic, our relationships started to evolve. After 3 months of online communication, I decided to fly to Spain and meet her. It was the best time of my life. 2 weeks flew by like a bullet. When I got back home, I immediately went to a jewelry store and bought a ring. 2 months later, I surprised Val and asked her to marry me. She said yes!โ€

Sandra and Ethan

โ€œOnline dating is great, as I found my wife there! Sandra was a naive but feisty Spanish girl who wanted to find true love and happiness. I was married before, so I knew that you couldnโ€™t hurry with love. But after only 2 weeks of communication with that chick, I realized that I was falling in love. Either she is a witch, or it was destiny. Either way, I am happy!โ€

The bottom line

Dating a Spanish mail order wife is fun and rewarding. Women from this country know how to have a good time with a foreigner. You can be sure that finding a hot date from Spain is going to bring you happiness and love. Spanish brides as most mail order brides are beautiful, sexy, and family-oriented. There are thousands of young, hot girls looking for a husband online. Since Spain is a tourist country, most of your dates are going to be fluent in English, which is always a plus. Therefore, to find a wife from Spain, you do not need to try too hard!