Brazilian Woman: How To Bring Them To The USA And How To Marry Them

When you ask yourself “what do I know about Brazilian women”, the first things that come to mind will probably be “they are hot”, “they are great dancers”, and other common stereotypes. Well, even if some of them are 100% true (especially the two we’ve already mentioned), Brazilian women are actually much deeper than that. Here, we’ll tell you everything you should know about Brazilian mail order brides, as well as some useful dating rules, and a short guide on how to bring your Brazilian mail order wife to the United States. Let’s start.

Dating Brazilian women: pros and cons

First, all of the Brazilian brides are different and not all of them have the following traits, either good or bad. There are lots of superstitious Brazilian women and super-educated girls, there are many women who always accuse their men of cheating on them, and there are lots of women who don't care about it, etc. The character traits you are about to see might be applied to all the Brazilian women you’ll meet on the dating websites, or they might not be applied to any of the girls you’ll chat with. However, most of the ladies from this country have at least some of the following traits to some extent. So, let's start.

Brazilian mail order wife


  • Brazilian mail order brides are extremely hot, passionate, and feminine. They put a lot of effort into looking beautiful. We won’t even talk about their natural beauty, awesome bodies, inner sexuality, and other things that make men lose their minds. An average Brazilian woman (not to mention women who use dating websites) is always well-dressed and made-up — these ladies won't leave their house without makeup and stylish clothes. Some say that they overdress a little, the others say that it's very time-consuming and not that cheap, but who cares if they look gorgeous? Oh, and of course, they are always fit, thanks to the gym and diets.
  • Brazilian brides are loving and nurturing, they always take care of their men and think that family is literally the most important thing in life. If that's what you're looking for — for a woman who will always love you, take care of you, and stay by your side no matter what happens — marry a Brazilian woman without any doubts.
  • Brazilian mail order brides are open-minded and always ready for new experiences and things. If you aren't too conservative and love girls who are easy to talk to and easy to share thoughts and feelings, you should definitely try to date a Brazilian woman. They are just great when it comes to communication, and communication is one of the most (if not the most) important factors that impact the relationship — no one likes it when such problems as misunderstanding occur. With these women, you won't have such problems, which means you have high chances to build a healthy relationship with an open-minded and beautiful Brazilian woman.
  • Most of the Brazilian brides are religious — but not to the extent where it could affect your relationship and not to the extent when people become close-minded or xenophobic. Their culture may seem a bit old-fashioned and traditional, but these women are very sweet and kind when it comes to relationships. Their religion, culture, and traditions make these women perfect wives who always support their husbands and influence their lives positively.
  • Brazilian wives are very loyal and faithful. An average Brazilian woman is extremely hot and passionate, she often wears sexy clothes and knows everything about flirt. But does it mean that you have to worry about the loyalty of your girlfriend? Of course, it doesn’t. If you are worth being trusted, your woman will always be 100% loyal to you — it’s all about their culture and traditions, that’s what makes these women are among the most loyal women in the world.
  • Brazilian wives are extremely social. If you're looking for an outgoing woman who is always fun to talk to and is always relaxed around people, date a Brazilian woman — she'll never disappoint you.
  • Brazilian brides are very hard-working and strong. Brazil is not the poorest country in Latin America (and it’s not that poor at all), but it’s also not a developed country yet — it still has low living standards, low GDP per capita, and high child mortality rate. The country has high levels of crime and about 11,000,000 people still live in favelas (poor shantytowns). Life is often hard in this country, and Brazilian girls have learned how to be strong since their childhood.


  • Brazilian brides see nothing wrong in the public display of affection. It’s not the worst thing in the world, of course — but if you are a conservative type, you’ll probably have problems with PDA.
  • Some people say that Brazilian women for marriage are too materialistic. Well, that’s not far from the truth — they think that it’s very important for a man to be able to provide for the family. However, it’s not like they are gold-diggers — it’s just about their culture that makes them think that men must be masculine and financially stable. But is it really a bad thing?
  • Brazilian brides are often jealous. They are 100% loyal, as we’ve already said, and that’s what they need from their men. Unfortunately, Latinas are often TOO jealous — but as they say, that’s just how they express their devotion to their men.
  • Brazilian women are often loud and too emotional, like all Latinas. Nothing to add here — that’s what all Latinas are, and you can’t do anything about that.
  • Brazilian women for marriage often come late. Some people think that there is a 30-minutes-rule (you shouldn't wait for more than 30 minutes if your date is late), but if you follow this rule with a Brazilian woman, you'll most likely have to forget about the dates for a while! Unfortunately, these ladies are not punctual at all, so you will have to wait if you really want to meet them. But you know what? They are definitely worth waiting for!

Brazilian women: dating rules

brazilian woman for marriage
  1. Chivalry is still alive here. As we've said, this culture is traditional and these women are (a bit!) conservative, so it's no surprise chivalrous things will work on the first date. Call her before the first date, wait to order your drink, make sure she’s got home without any problems — there are lots of things you can do to show her that you are a decent man.
  2. Flowers and stuff like perfumes will most likely work well. Almost every Brazilian woman loves receiving presents, so if you buy her something cool on the first date, you will earn some brownie points.
  3. Be honest and straightforward — that’s what Brazilian women think of gringos, and this stereotype is worth keeping in mind. Don’t try to play games and to hide anything if you want to make a great first impression.
  4. Learn Spanish. Brazilian women, as well as all the other women, love it when a man puts efforts to learn her native language. What’s even more interesting, you’ll be able to understand what she talks about with her friends!

Is it easy to bring a Brazilian woman to the US?

It’s not that easy to impress and to attract Brazilian women — but if you follow all the rules we’ve listed earlier and take into account all the facts we’ve just told you, your chances are quite high. But the most important question you have to ask before you start searching for the best mail order brides is: Is it actually legal to bring a Brazilian woman to the United States?

In short, yes. You can marry a Brazilian woman in Brazil or in the United States — your next steps depend on the country you are going to hold your wedding in. Thus, if you marry her in Brazil, your wife will have to apply for the K-3 visa (visa for a spouse). You will file form I-130, then form I-129F, and then, your wife will have to follow the instructions the US Embassy provides her. Make sure you and your wife have all the needed documents and ready to answer a lot of questions about your relationship.

If you are going to marry her in the US, the situation is a bit different: your bride will have to apply for a K-1 visa (fiance visa). The process is similar — first, she'll have to file the form I-130 and DS-160, pass the medical exam, and an interview at the embassy. The interview is one of the most important parts of the story — the embassy officers will ask both of you A LOT of questions about your future plans, your love story, your job, etc. If your bride enters the US with a K-1 visa, you will have to marry her in 3 months. After that, she'll get her green card quite fast.