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Dating Scams

Mail Order Brides Site Scams: Brief Rundown

With the advent of the online dating industry, more users are becoming victims of dating sites scams. Romance scammers show fake romantic intentions to distract the users’ attention and cash in on their loneliness. Based on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports, there has been a significant increase in dating fraud attacks in recent years. In 2020, reported losses to online dating scams reached an astonishing $304 million, which is twice as much as in previous years. Knowing the possible dangers of mail order brides site scams will allow you to protect your identity and money.

Potential dangers on mail order brides platforms

Romance scammers use smart tactics to fool their victims and perpetrate fraud. However, it is still possible to recognize their tricks and get out of the trap timely. Being armed with this information, you can have a trouble-free romance adventure and focus on building relationships.

Scam mail order brides platforms

Not all mail order bride websites deliver a safe dating experience. While most sites are legit and offer a good value for their services, some platforms try to swindle money from their members. In this case, the dating scammer list will be helpful for an inexperienced user. Cherry Blossoms, Dream Singles, and EuroDate are just a few examples of platforms with miserable reputations. These sites deceive men by matching them with a foreign bride. The truth is that they hire models and train them to con potential grooms out of their money. That is why it is advisable to study real users’ reviews before creating a profile and investing money.

Financial crime

Online dating scammers tend to trick their victims by involving financial transactions for the purpose of personal gain. They register on the dating platforms, cloud users’ eyes with fake photos and sweet words. Usually, they start communication and do their best to show off their serious intentions. The speed of establishing relationships is breakneck so that you can let your guard down. Scammers ask their victims for financial assistance and make up different reasons for sending money. They may ask you to use only special payment methods, so never fall for it.

Identity theft

The majority of mail order brides platforms ask their users to provide personal and credit card details. Although this data isn’t displayed for other users, it may be an easy target for hackers, especially if the site has poor security measures. Criminals can obtain your personal and financial information and use your identity to commit fraud. Make sure the website of your choice has a high level of security.

How to avoid mail order brides site scams? Useful tips

These online dating safety tips will be useful for those who want to avoid negative consequences related to online fraud. Use them to quickly detect a mail order bride scam.

    • Cut ties with users if you notice any suspicious activity. Use the special services to check whether a profile photo of your potential partner is real. Ask some weird questions to determine whether a real person or a fake is messaging you.
    • Never transfer money to people you got acquainted with online, even if you have been communicating for a long time.
    • Never specify your personal info on your profile page. Use only built-in communication options of the dating platform to contact your potential partner.

How to choose trustworthy mail order brides sites?

If you have serious intentions about finding a foreign wife, you should approach only trusted mail order brides websites. Pay attention to the following factors to make an informed choice.

    • Those platforms that operate legally always determine a permanent address and telephone number on their websites.
    • Check out the dedicated websites that write honest dating websites reviews. Consider all pros and cons of the site before signing up.
    • Conduct your own research and study a particular platform’s features and pricing policy.
    • Make sure the website doesn’t include fake profiles.
    • Choose mail order brides sites that offer 24/7 customer support.

A mail order bride site with a good reputation and high level of security can deliver an effective and hassle-free dating experience. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind before investing in your dating venture.