Want To Find A Dominican Wife? Wait Until You Read This Guide!

The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world — endless beaches, mountain peaks, waterfalls, and a lot of historical sites make it one of the world's best countries to visit. But it's not only about the landscapes. This country has tens of thousands of extremely hot women — and if you want to find out how to date them and what to expect from them, read our guide!

dominican woman for dating

Yes. First, you'll probably want to get married in the Dominican Republic instead of the United States — the average price of a wedding in the US is $33,000, while in this Caribbean country, it's about $6,000-$8,000. Another piece of good news is that marriages that are legal in the Dominican Republic are also valid in the US — so you'll be able to bring your wife to your country. However, the process is quite time-consuming. Let's be more detailed.

If both you and your wife are outside the US (for example, if you've just married her in the Caribbean and want to return to your country), you'll have to file form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. It's necessary to gather all required documentation, such as a copy of your marriage certificate, passport-style photos, previous divorce decrees, etc. Once you file the I-130 form, your wife will be able to enter the United States with a K-3 visa — she will be able to live in the US and work in this country while the petition is pending. When your wife is issued her visa, she'll be given a sealed packet with her documents — don't forget that you CAN NOT open this packet. When your marriage relationship is established (Form I-130), your wife will be able to get a green card (it will take about 4-6 months).

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If you haven't married yet, she can enter the US with the K-1 visa — it's the visa for those who want to have a wedding ceremony in the US, and it only lasts for 3 months. It's extremely important that you two have seen each other in person within the previous 24 months — make sure that you have all the needed evidence (tickets, photos, travel documents). After marrying in the US, your wife will be able to get a green card.

Pros and cons of having a Dominican wife

Dominican mail order brides

What are the best things about dating Dominican brides? What should you know before you start searching for Dominican mail order brides and what do you have to expect? Continue reading to know more!


  1. Dominican brides are extremely hot. When a Dominican girl is in the room, she is the hottest girl in the room, no matter what. These mixed-race beauties have gorgeous bodies, long dark hair, and extremely beautiful faces — not to mention their strong inner sexuality and femininity.
  2. They make great food — it’s surely not the most important thing when you choose a wife, but it’s still very important. Yaroa, mangu, chimichurris, ninos envueltos — you will never (literally!) feel hungry with a Dominican girl!
  3. Dominican brides are never boring. As they say, all relationships go through periods of stagnation and boredom. That's true — but you don't have to worry about it if you have a Dominican wife. These women know everything about rediscovering the passion and excitement!
  4. Traditional gender roles are still alive in this country — the Dominican Republic is a country with that old-fashioned, macho-type culture. This means that they don't praise feminism and don't think that gender equality is the most important thing in the world — they expect men to provide for the family and to take the lead.
  5. They love dancing and clubbing. Dominican ladies are EXTREMELY good at dancing even if they have never attended any dance courses. That’s a very natural thing.
  6. Beautiful Dominican women for marriage are less independent than American women, but much more family oriented. There's no such question as which one to choose — family or career, because they always say that la Familia is the most important thing in the world.
  7. They are VERY social (as well as all the other Caribbean nationalities).


    1. Dominican mail order brides are often too emotional and too loud. As some people say, Dominican men don't want to marry women of their nationality in the United States because they are afraid their wives will beat them. Of course, that's a (slight) exaggeration, but the fact is: there is no smoke without fire.
    2. Not all hot Dominican women for marriage want to date and even marry gringos. Well, you will face this problem only if you want to pick up women on the streets in the Dominican Republic — there are no such women on mail bride platforms.
    3. Some of them are too gossipy. We don’t want to say that 100% of Dominican girls are like this, but some of them love gossiping about EVERYTHING — friends, relationships, private life, etc.
    4. You’ll most likely have to support her family. But don’t worry, it’s not that you will have to send them thousands of dollars every single month.
    5. Sometimes, they are overdressed. It's not a bad thing actually — it's just a form of self-expression (and it usually looks gorgeous).
    6. Dominican brides are not punctual at all. It's not a sign of disrespect and it doesn't mean that your girlfriend doesn't like you if she's always late. That's just the way they are.

Dominican brides: dating rules

    1. Learn Spanish. That’s a very general rule that works with all sexy mail order brides, no matter what country they are from. If you know her language, you’ll have much fewer communication problems.
    2. Pay for the dinner. And for everything, basically — if you offer a Dominican girl to go Dutch on the first date, it will most likely be your last date with her.
    3. You have to be VERY cautious when you criticize Dominican ladies for marriage. Unfortunately, they can't take criticism at all — so you’ll have to be very careful if you don’t like something about her.
    4. Don’t expect sex too early. Yes, these women love sex (and they are very, very good at it), they are very passionate, and they are extremely hot. But it doesn’t mean that you will have sex with her after the first date — so just be patient and you’ll love the result.
    5. Baseball game is a perfect first date idea when it comes to Dominican brides. If you love baseball, too, congratulations — it’s the topic that both of you are really interested in!

The appearance of Dominican brides

Numerous foreign men imagines Dominican Republic mail order brides as sexy ladies with a special appeal and charisma. And this is the absolute truth. Dominican Republic women for marriage boast smooth skin of darker tones, gorgeous brown eyes, and tasty shapes. They highlight their curvy fit bodies with sexy clothing and the right accessories. Dominican Republic brides seldom approach surgery since their natural beauty allows them to shine bright on the dating scene.

Based on the comments of real Dominican singles admirers on Quora, these ladies have exceptional facial features thanks to Spanish, African, and aboriginal indigenous Taino roots. The mixture of blood, women from the Dominican Republic boast sexy bodies and vibrant features that made them stand out from the crowd. Julia Alvarez, Nuria Piera, and Josefina Baez are the most prominent and gorgeous representatives of the Dominican Republic.

Why do Dominican Republic girl for marriage are looking for foreign husbands online?

Numerous Dominican women for marriage are looking for foreign men online due to numerous reasons. Just like all Latin brides, these ladies are looking for serious international relationships and are normally devoted to their significant others. Although each lady has her own motivations to get involved in cross-cultural relationships, these are the most common reasons Dominican Republic women for marriage seek love online.

  1. Opening new horizons in life. Women from the Dominican Republic are looking for new adventures in life and consider international relationships a perfect chance to open up new opportunities in life. They are all about learning the values and dating traditions of their partners, so dating websites are perfect ventures for them to meet their soulmates.
  2. An urge to try new relationship tendencies. Typically, local men are jealous. They want to be self-confident men that trust their significant others. Moreover, many of them act like machos, which doesn’t fulfill the expectations of Dominican wives. Moreover, local men try to limit the social life of their wives after marriage, which doesn’t appeal to communicative and friendly Dominican women.
  3. Women from Dominican are usually over-sexualized by local men. It goes without saying that Dominican Republic ladies for marriage are seductive. However, they are typically over-sexualized by local machos and even experience sexual harassment. These ladies want to be treated like equals by their partners and believe that Western men can meet their relationship goals.
  4. Dominican ladies for marriage believe in the idea of successful cross-cultural relationships. They consider international marriages to be more successful and happy. Moreover, they see Western men as perfect partners due to their approach to their significant others and faithfulness.

Can American men visit Dominican wives in their country?

If you decide to bring your relationship with a Dominican mail order bride to a whole new level, you can organize a romantic tour or visit your significant other in her home country. However, it is necessary to plan your journey to the tiniest detail in order to make the most out of your dating experience. Here are a few factors to consider making the trip to your significant other a breeze.

  1. Try to book the flight tickets to the Dominican Republic beforehand. Thus, you can plan your trip more thoroughly and save some money.
  2. Discuss how you are going to spend time with your sweetheart. Therefore, it is possible to plan your budget and get prepared for adventurous love activities.
  3. Consider your accommodation beforehand. The last thing you want is to worry about where to spend the night when arriving in a foreign country.

Also, it is possible to invite your future Dominican Republic wife to another country and spend an awesome time together. Everything depends on your relationship goals and the way you want to get closer to each other.

Dominican mail order brides statistics

Before marrying a Dominican woman, it is good to know the particularities of building relationships with these gorgeous ladies. Learn the main statistics and facts concerning Dominican mail order brides to have a deeper understanding of whether these ladies work for you.

Dominican Republic mail order brides
  1. While the divorce rate among US couples is 48%, international marriages between American men and Dominican Republic women for marriage have a significantly lower divorce rate of 41%. Just like Mexican brides, women from Dominican are devoted to their relationships and want to preserve the peaceful and loving atmosphere in their families regardless of the situation.
  2. More and more men are enchanted by the beauty and natural appeal of local ladies. The recent fiancé visa statistics say that Dominican brides are sought-after among American men. While in 2016 there were almost 400 K1 visas issued for women from the Dominican Republic, this number had significantly increased by 2020 (546).
  3. 1 out of 5 Dominican ladies for marriage have already had 1 child before getting married. The point is that the majority of women from Dominican Republic are conservative and follow traditional relationship patterns. That is why they prefer to have intimacy only when they have serious relationships with men.
  4. 7% of online dating users are Dominican women for marriage. This is likely due to the fact that these ladies appeal to men worldwide due to their family-oriented and caring nature.
  5. Most popular dating sites with Dominican brides online are LatamDate and LatinFeels. All of these sites have more than 500K monthly visits and are extremely popular among US men.

And these are some more important numbers to point out:

  • Success rate: 89%
  • Divorce rate: 1.2 divorces for 1000 people
  • Children: 1 out of 5 Dominican brides have already had children before marriage
  • Visa statistics in 2022: 546

How to buy a Dominican Republic wife?

The concept of buying a Dominican Republic bride doesn’t mean that you will achieve a parcel with a lady at your doorbell. It implies paying for online dating services and real meetings. It is worth mentioning that online dating is much cheaper compared to real dates. Just imagine, you will need to pay about $200-$300 for online services, which may be the cost of a couple of real dates. Moreover, with the help of online dating services, you will have a high chance to find your soulmate thanks to well-elaborated search and communication features.

Overall, you will need to follow the following steps to buy a Dominican Republic wife:

  1. Find a reliable dating site with a large database of potential mail order brides.
  2. Create an account and fill in all the profile details to make your profile look authentic.
  3. Don’t forget to upload a flattering picture to engage even more girls.
  4. Use the search filters or browse ladies' profiles to find your soulmate.
  5. Initiate communication with multiple girls to later choose your perfect match.
  6. Choose your ideal lady based on your online communication experience.
  7. Organize a real date to get closer to each other and decide whether your Dominican lady matches you.
  8. Apply for a fiancé visa to let your future wife enter your country legally.
  9. Get married to your significant other and enjoy your happy family life together.

As you see, there is nothing difficult in buying a Dominican mail order bride. All you need is to determine your relationship goals and find a decent platform to organize your romantic ventures.

Success stories with Dominican mail order brides

Dominican brides

John and Evangelina

I met my life online, and it was the most awesome experience for me. We started chatting on the first day I registered on the dating site. Evangelina appeared a tender and understanding lady. I think I have been looking for such a woman for my entire life. I didn’t delay our meeting and offered to meet after the first month of our cooperation. She was waiting for me at the Punta Cana airport. When I saw her eyes, I was assured that Evangelina is my dream woman and I want to spend my life with her. Now we are planning our special day and enjoying every single moment of being together.

Samuel and Sarah

I always had a passion for Dominican Republic women due to their exotic appearance and approach to dating. However, I never thought I could be so happy to find my soulmate among these gorgeous girls. Sarah made my heart beat faster from the very moment I saw her smile in her photos. Our communication discovered her from different sides, and I decided to bring our relationship to the next level by visiting the Dominican Republic. She appeared even more beautiful in real life. Moreover, she is very approachable and flexible. I love Sarah and I hope our future will be full of bright and memorable moments.