Pakistani Girls For Marriage: All The Information You Need To Know

Letโ€™s be honest: dating a Pakistani bride is quite hard. These women are often very traditional and conservative, they are usually not that open for new ideas, and, well, if you are looking for easy girls, you should focus on beautiful mail order brides from another country. But they are still very interesting โ€” they are beautiful, family-centered, and they make great wives. Want to know more about Pakistani brides for marriage? Then, continue reading. Weโ€™ll tell you everything about their reasons to leave their country, about what they are looking for in a man, and of course, weโ€™ll also tell you the most important dating rules in this country.

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The appearance of Pakistani girls

The first thing we pay attention to when we meet someone is, of course, appearance. We canโ€™t connect our lives with a person we are not attracted to, right? Pakistani mail order brides are regarded to be naturally fascinating. The first thing you can highlight when looking at the Pakistani woman is the beauty of her eyes and hair.

Ladies from Pakistan can boast of shiny dark hair and coal-colored eyes that give them irresistible looks. They donโ€™t necessarily need to apply makeup since their fresh acne-free skin is soft. Another amazing feature is their teeth. Pak girls for marriage have white and even teeth since they consume healthy, earthy food.

girls from Pakistan

When it goes to their physique, Pakistani beauties have an average height of 5.2 feet, which makes them quite smaller compared to Ukrainian ladies, for example. However, this height makes them look even cuter. Almost every Pakistani bride has a relatively middle breast size, which makes them look younger even at an older age.

Even in loose clothes, they look sexy and mesmerizing. Most importantly, they do sport for not so much looks reasons but to stay healthy and fit.

Character traits of girls from Pakistan

Doted wives and impeccable mothers are not the only things that can describe these women. When dating a Pakistani woman, you need to remember the following things:

    • No casual dating. Ladies from Pakistan are against casual dating since they are upbrought in a way where serious commitment is a must. Therefore, be prepared to move faster with her than with other girls.
    • She likes to be right. Pakistani women for marriage adore it when men take their opinion seriously. When it goes to arguing, it is better sometimes to admit that she is right instead of trying to throw out proof of her wrongness.
    • Pakistani ladies are against cheating. If they cheat on their husbands, their families will drown in the humiliation. Thus, they do everything to prove their loyalty to their husbands.
    • They build expectations of romantic movies. Dating Pakistani girl can be challenging because these women learn a lot about romance from soap operas. Thus, you can win her heart by making a romantic dinner under the stars or watching a fine comedy snuggling.
    • Caring wives and mothers. Pakistani women are ready to take charge of house chores and children's upbringing since they are taught to do so from the beginning. They love caring for their spouses by giving them enough space for development.

Why do Pakistani women seek relationships on dating sites abroad?

Pakistani girls for marriage cannot stand the idea that their spouses can have more than one wife. According to laws, an average Pakistani male is allowed to marry multiple women. Even though a typical girl from Pakistan can pretend she is fine with that, deeply it disappoints her that her loving husband might share the same amount of love with other women.

Besides this, Pakistani women look for foreign men on a Pakistani marriage site because they hope to get more rights when living with them. Some ladies from Pakistan dream of moving to a new country, and with a loyal foreigner, the chances to do this double. In Pakistan, a woman is only taught to be either a loyal housewife or a mother, which doesnโ€™t make all women satisfied. In this case, moving to a place where you can be just a loved woman by a loyal man sounds appealing to them.

Why do Pakistani brides want to marry a foreigner?

When it comes to successful, economically stable countries and the countries that are safe for women (they are often the same countries btw), everything is simple โ€” women who live there want to marry Americans because they think American men are better and because they want to try something new. But when it comes to Pakistani brides, everything becomes a bit more complex. So, what are the main reasons for them to leave their country?

  • Economic instability. This is one of the main reasons why Pakistani brides want to flee from Pakistan. Political instability in Pakistan damaged the economic growth badly decades ago, and the country still hasn't recovered fully โ€” thus, the average monthly salary here is just $490, which is quite low compared to developed Asian countries. It makes sense that Pakistani mail order brides want to live in a more economically stable country โ€” they want to have a better life for both themselves and their future children.
  • Pakistan is not safe. Just to make it clear: this country is the 6th most dangerous country in the world for women. It's a systemic problem that is based on the patriarchal mindset โ€” and it looks like this mindset is not going to change. Modern Pakistani mail order brides don't want to live in a society where their rights are always being attacked and in which they can be literally killed if their fathers think that they have "brought dishonor upon the family name" โ€” that's why they want to leave.
  • Abusive practices, especially those related to marriage. Cousin marriages, no secondary schooling for girls (especially in rural villages), sexual assault (women who report rape are usually treated with disrespect by police and doctors, not to mention their families), domestic violence, dowry deaths (Pakistan has the highest number of dowry death rates in the world), child marriage... This is definitely not the best place for women. Young girls see and understand this, and of course, they donโ€™t want to suffer (like their mothers did), so they do everything to flee from their country.

What are Pakistani brides looking for in a man?

pakistani mail order brides

They think that a perfect man must be honest and loyal. Pakistani women are tired of cheating men and double standards โ€” so all the men who want to find Pakistani mail order brides must be 100% loyal and faithful to them. Pakistani brides dream of handsome and tall men, but itโ€™s not that important โ€” if you look neat and wear clean and casual clothes, youโ€™ll be able to impress any girl from this country. Of course, you should also be intelligent and financially stable โ€” Pakistani brides are not gold-diggers, they just want to be sure that their men are able to provide for the family.

Pakistani women: dating rules

Want to know how to date Pakistani mail order brides? Read the following rules and youโ€™ll find out how to do it!

  1. Be a Muslim and a Pakistani. This is necessary for the women with these traditional fathers who donโ€™t let them date anyone who isnโ€™t their same race. If her father is more liberal than that, you can proceed to the next rules. If you are not a Muslim, he is a conservative type, and his daughter doesnโ€™t want to go against him, well, move on โ€” there's a lot of fish in the sea. We donโ€™t want to sound cynical, but thatโ€™s the only way it works with Pakistani brides. Google "honor killings in Pakistan" if you still think that it's a joke or an exaggeration โ€” some Pakistanis are very, VERY old-fashioned that way.
  2. Even if her father is progressive, he will probably not like you at first. You'll have to impress him. Buy him a gift, show that you are stable and that you have serious intentions.
  3. Do it online only โ€” you canโ€™t pick up girls in Pakistan. Itโ€™s just impossible โ€” they donโ€™t have a dating culture in this country.
  4. Don't try to act cool by telling her that you've had a lot of girlfriends. Just donโ€™t.
  5. Physical distance is important when it comes to Pakistani brides, and forget about sex on the first date. Thatโ€™s now what you should expect with these women.
  6. Donโ€™t turn your first date into an interview. Ask questions, but not too many โ€” these women donโ€™t like it.
  7. You must have serious plans and intentions to get Pakistani brides.
  8. Her family is most likely huge, and youโ€™ll probably have to support it. Itโ€™s not that youโ€™ll have to send them thousands of dollars monthly, but if they need anything, youโ€™ll probably have to offer your help.
pakistani woman for marriage

As you can see, a lot of these dating rules are actually about the fathers of these women, not about the Pakistani brides themselves. The thing is, you're going to deal with not just her, but her family, especially if you are not Muslim. We don't want to hide anything โ€” that's a long and hard road ahead of you, and you'll walk it only if you really want it.

Can I come to Pakistan for a visit?

If marriage sites in Pakistan allow you to find a wonderful woman, you can upgrade your communication to the next level by coming to her country. The good news is that you can visit because there are special safe areas for foreigners. All you need to do is check out those areas on the Internet or simply ask your lovely Pakistani bride about them.

If you come to Pakistan, donโ€™t rush to meet her parents but try to enjoy your time with a woman instead. Once you meet her parents, you will automatically become a potential husband. That is why it is better to spend time with a woman in her country and learn more about her to make sure you truly match in different categories.

How serious are Pakistani women on dating platforms?

Pakistani brides sign on various platforms to find husbands and not only boyfriends. Casual dating is not their cup of tea. They prefer meaningful relationships faster. As was mentioned already, they look for foreign husbands to get a chance to change their lives by traveling to a different country and feeling loved by a loyal spouse.

If you are not ready for serious relationships, then a Pakistani woman is probably not your best option. For casual dating, you can head to Russian ladies. They admire casual relationships.

Pakistani mail order brides statistics: Success rate, divorce, children, visa statistics

Before marrying a Pakistani woman, there is a necessity to understand the general statistics. This can help you understand whether a girl from Pakistan is truly a good choice for marriage.

Pakistani girls
  • Marriage is obligatory in Pakistan. According to statistics, there are 85.54% of women marry before 25 years. Moreover, ladies from Pakistan get married quite early. The average age of a married Pakistani woman is 18.6 years old.
  • People from Pakistan love to marry foreigners since immigration to a different country gives more opportunities for professional growth and more. This applies to both Pakistani men and women.
  • The divorce rate is increasing in a lot of areas in Pakistan. 58% of Pakistani people believe so. The point is that Pakistani ladies will not stand their abusive husbands anymore and file for divorce faster than before.
  • Brides from Pakistan become mothers quite early due to their early marriages. About 50% of Pakistani brides become mothers by the age of 21.8.
  • In 2021, 7,213 visas were issued to Pakistani people. Most of them were issued for Pakistani females.

How to buy a mail order bride from Pakistan?

Well, you donโ€™t buy a bride, but you pay for the communication with her. If you want to find bride in Pakistan, you need to head to popular dating platforms. Here are your basic steps:

  • You sign up for the dating site and create a compelling profile.
  • You upload recent high-quality photos.
  • By using search tools, you find the most suitable type for yourself.
  • Once you find amazing profiles, you should text those ladies and choose the most compatible one.
  • Texting changes to audio or video calls.
  • You set up a real date.
  • Meet in person and propose committing relationship.

Online dating is a better way to find a woman from Pakistan since you donโ€™t need to spend money and time traveling to that country. In addition, dating sites propose hundreds of attractive profiles of single Pakistani brides.

The costs

The cost of a Pakistani woman depends on such factors:

  • The number of messages you send
  • Online and offline presents
  • A real date trip to her country or somewhere else

If you communicate constantly for a month, it can cost you $100-$200.

Presents price is up to you. Sometimes it takes $50 and grows to $1,000.

The trip to Pakistan can cost $2,000-$3,000, including accommodation and many entertaining things.

Overall, the price of a Pakistani bride is $4,000.

Many foreigners may find mail brides dating platforms suspicious and decide not to give it a shot. However, you donโ€™t need to be afraid of getting into trouble since these kinds of sites are legal and, most importantly, join thousands of international couples. To find a legal dating site, you need to check out the reviews and customer support and ensure the platform has the ID verification process.

Pakistani mail order brides

Once you have checked out all the essential points, you can easily sign in and seek an amazing Pakistani girl for marriage.

Success stories of Pakistan mail order brides

Kiran and Michael via EasternHoneys

I knew Kiran would become my wife from the very beginning of our communication. She was very funny and smart at the same time. We jumped to video calls very soon and could not wait to see each other in person. When I hugged her at the airport, I felt like I was hugging a little girl because Kiran is 5.2 feet tall. Oh, and she smelled amazing. We spent an awesome two weeks together, and I decided to propose. She instantly said yes, and now we are working on her visa.

Pakistani women

Emaan and Charles via TheLuckyDate

Emaan is a special girl for different reasons. She looks fabulous without makeup and she takes good care of herself. I love the way she dances traditional Pakistani dances. Emaan appreciates her culture. Emaan adores travelling. We traveled to Copenhagen together since she knows Danish very well. I like that I can be myself with her and I always know that I am the number one for Emaan. I am enjoying our dating and feel like this is the wife Iโ€™ve been searching for.