AsiaMe Dating Site Review 2021

AsiaMe Dating Site Review

AsiaMe represents one of the best online dating websites for individuals who are looking for high-quality communication and the wide diversity of girls from Asia. What makes this platform so unique and appealing? Well, the answer is simple. AsiaMe is a company owned by Qpid – one of the largest and most influential dating conglomerates in the whole world! Just imagine how amazing the services on that portal would be! The reputation of AsiaMe has proven this site to be popular and effective among dozens of other places with Asian women. So, if you are thinking about using AsiaMe, you should consider yourself lucky because this place will make sure that you are satisfied. And this AsiaMe review will do its best to describe all the benefits and advantage of this place!

9.6 Total Score
Ease of use
Customer Service
Number of members
Quality of Profiles
Safety and AntiScam
Value Of Money

  • Partners with Qpid – largest online dating organization
  • Exclusive and efficient dating tools of communication
  • Millions of active members
  • Great usability of mobile phones
  • High prices
  • Occasional manual verifications of created profiles

Main features of AsiaMe website

One can appraise AsiaMe for hours. This is a site of impeccable reputation, which is why so many guys and girls are choosing this place. The purpose of this AsiaMe review is to explain why you should think about choosing this place over the other. So, to be honest, one can do it easily since there are so many benefits and advantages here. In the section below, you will find a detailed description of things that make AsiaMe so well-known among Western men and Asian women.

Registration process

AsiaMe Registration

Let’s begin with sign up as it is the first thing anyone should think about when deciding to use online dating. In order to create an account on this site, you need to follow a few quite straightforward steps. First, fill out the registration form that is placed right on the main page. You will find useful tips in case you have a problem, so it should not be an issue. Next, you will need to fill out several fields with personal information. After that, you have to verify your email, and that is all! However, it should be mentioned that AsiaMe can have occasional manual verifications of created profiles. What does it mean, you may ask? Well, it is quite simple. At any time, the administration of the site may want to verify all accounts before giving their owners access to the website. Although these occasions are quite rare, you should know about them.

In case you get your account verified, or there was no verification needed, your next step should be aimed toward filling out your profile. This is quite an essential step since it requires you to upload your profile image and fill out various fields with personal data. You can write as much as you want or think enough for a dating site. Nevertheless, consider that the more you write, the more girls would be impressed with your account!

Ease of use

AsiaMe Review

Okay, now you know everything about registration, and it is quite useful to say a few words about overall impression from the site. According to a survey conducted by AsiaMe, 95% of members of the site are incredibly satisfied with the layout and interface on the platform. And, one can understand them because it has been designed to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. You will find everything exceptionally simple so that all tasks will take a few minutes to figure out how to use them. All the information is available to you at once, and it does not seem confusing at all! Guys will find AsiaMe quite useful and similar to the platform that many of them used before. The reason is quite simple – why invent a new layout for a dating website when there is a formula of success that works on any dating site.

It is vital to reiterate that in order to create an account, one does not need to spend hours. Simple and convenient registration is designed specifically for you. Information that you can find further will help you learn about dating tools for communication. Rest assured that these tools are also quite straightforward and self-explanatory. Thus, it is quite obvious why this place is so well-known – it offers unique and comfortable user-experience.


AsiaMe Girls

What role does communication play on a typical dating site? The answer is fundamental! Without communication, there is no online dating, and without online dating, there would be no dating platform. Interaction between a man and a woman is the basis. However, the quality of such communication and interaction is what differentiates a good online dating platform and the best dating platform.

By reading this AsiaMe review, one may find out about one of the advantages of this place. AsiaMe offers a wide variety of great dating tools for communication. First, you have a common online chat. If you like a girl and want to communicate with her, the only thing you need to have is credits on your account! Under each profile photo, you will find a button ‘Chat Now’, so starting a chat with a lady will be quite simple. Next, let’s talk about the video chat that is called CamShare. This is also a quite simple form of interaction – using your cam you can share with your date more than you could through chatting. It should be noted that CamShare can be one-way, which means that you can only see your bride, or two-way, which allows your date see you as well.

Now, let’s discuss more unique communication tools available on AsiaMe. First of all, you can use Admirer mail, which is an excellent way to start a conversation. This is the only free option available. Basically, you can read Admirer mail for free – Asian girls will be eager to send you short letters with some personal information and a request to continue communication via a more effective tool. Moreover, you can send your dates various presents and flowers. There is no better way to surprise your potential bride!


Pricing on AsiaMe dating site

At first glance, it is possible to say that AsiaMe is a well-made and professional website, which is why one can assume that it required a lot of time and effort to design it. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to provide some fee-based features on the site. Unfortunately, all communication options except for Admirer mail require credits – the local currency that can be purchased via real money. So, you may understand that when you decide to send a message to your lovely Asian girlfriend, you will face a harsh reality of modern online dating services. Still, customers of AsiaMe say that every single dollar spent here is worth it.

In the following section, we would like you to take a look at the price range currently established on the site:


Safety and Anti-scam

Being of the most recognizable and reputable organizations in the world, Qpid pays special attention to the security and safety of its customers. You can be sure that your confidential data and credit card data are protected through multiple sophisticated and internationally accepted measures of security. AsiaMe cooperates with many companies that provide protection of personal data, which is why you can feel safe about your confidential information. AsiaMe also takes care of fraudulent activity or any case of scam. It should be noted that female members of the site can use it for free. However, they have a more strict registration and verification processes, so only verified female users are able to chat with single guys.


So, now you know almost everything about AsiaMe. The purpose of this AsiaMe review is to make sure that you know the most important information about this site. One can find more information on the platform itself – the section at the bottom of the page is designed specifically for this reason!